Lorac Love, Lust, & Lace Matte Palette Review

Before picking this palette up during my Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Haul, I had never used any Lorac Cosmetic product before. I hadn’t even ever swatched one in a store! I had just admired them from afar and tried to find drugstore dupes because I couldn’t get over paying so much for a single palette (I’m specifically talking about the Pro Palettes that retail at $44). But for the holidays, they had this little beauty for $12 at Ulta and there was no way I was going to pass it up. This is the Lorac Love, Lust, & Lace Matte eye shadow palette. They also had a shimmer one, but of course I was really only interested in the matte shadows.
It is a type of cardboard packaging, but it doesn’t feel cheaply made at all and has a strong magnet keeping it shut. The palette has five eyeshadows and a decent sized mirror. Looking at the surrounding packaging around the mirror, I think they could have made it bigger but it’s not horrible. There are no shade names on the shadows, which is surprising coming from a high-end brand. The total weight of the product is .29 oz. and I appreciate that they included a generous amount of shadow in each pan.
The second I swatched these eyeshadows, I knew I was completely in love. The texture is so amazing and the pigmentation is ridiculously impressive. I was worried about the lighter shades, but was pleasantly surprised to see that they are just as pigmented as the darker shades. This has definitely become a go-to palette for me because it has everything I need all right there. I usually put the white on my eyelid, inner corner, and brow bone. A combination of the brown and fourth shades go on the outer corner. I blend it all out with the cream shade, and use either the brown or the black for my liner.
Aside from this palette having such beautiful neutral shades, I love that they can be applied with a very light hand for a super natural look or a little heavier for something more intense. The fourth shade is what really caught my attention the most. It’s such a unique shade with a combination of taupe, gray, and purple. Depending on the lighting and what you pair it with, it looks different every time. I also like having that cool toned shade in here as a second option to the brown.
It does not take much effort at all to apply and blend these eyeshadows out and they have pretty good lasting power. With my Milani Eyeshadow Primer, the shadows last for about six to seven hours before I start to notice any fading. The packaging is small enough that it would make a perfect palette to travel with, even though it doesn’t come with any tool for application. It’s also really great when I need to get ready in a hurry because there’s only five shades to choose from and I don’t have to reach for any other products. Of course I had very high expectations for this palette because it’s a Lorac product, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to be this impressed!

If you were able to get your hands on this palette, I’d love to hear your thoughts. And also any experiences you’ve had with Lorac products. Hope you have a beautiful day! :)


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