February Favorites

I’m not sure if it’s the extra day in February this year, but I feel like this month took forever to go by. Not that I’m trying to rush it or anything, I just usually feel like the months fly by every time I go to pull out all of my favorites. Except for this month. I stayed very busy and it still really did feel like a full 29 days to me. The more time to enjoy life, right?! I don’t think I have as many things to mention as I have had in previous months because I’m still in the works of trying a ton of new products out that I got over the holiday season. I only want to include the absolute best products in my favorites posts and all of these items have really stood out among everything else. So let’s just get straight to it!

I got this purse kinda late in the month, but I’m including it anyway because I have been obsessed and get so happy every time I use it. I have a purse very similar to this that I got almost a year ago from TJMaxx (which is my favorite place to shop for purses) and the material on the straps just now started tearing. I actually found this one at Walmart and really surprised myself. It was only $16.97 and as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew there was no way I was leaving the store without it. I can’t remember the last time I bought a purse from Walmart or even looked at their selection, but I love anything that’s white and gold. The size of it is perfect, I can stay very organized with all of the compartments, it’s lightweight, and the straps are big enough that I can hold it on my arm or shoulder.
This isn’t a new favorite, but it has been getting a lot of love and attention this month. As my hair continues to grow, I’ve found it easier to use this 32mm curling wand rather than the smaller 25mm wand that I was using. This is the biggest wand in the NuMe Lustrum Curling Wand set (which I love) and I love the loose waves that it gives. I wrote a full, detailed review of this set as well as pictures of the results of each wand. You can find it here.
A few smaller random favorites are tea tree oil and this ‘N Rage Hair Color in Twisted Teal. The tea tree oil made an appearance in last month's favorites and is back again because it has been doing wonders for my skin. For the first month, I used it every day to help smooth out the texture of my skin (particularly my cheeks). As we moved into February, I cut back to using it every other day and have continued to notice a difference in my skin. I love it!

If you don’t follow me on any of my social media (accounts will be linked at the bottom) or haven’t noticed in a few recent posts, I dyed a strip of my hair blue!! I had thought about it for a long time and was so nervous, but finally decided to actually do it. This was my first time dying any part of my hair and I’ve been in love all month! I don’t have any other hair dye to compare this to, but I have been really impressed with the way it performs. Keep an eye out for a post coming in the next week or two including all the details and process. :)
My Fossil watch was a birthday present from my boyfriend and has been a favorite of mine for last three years that I’ve had it. But about a month ago the battery died and we just hadn’t gotten around to getting it changed. Let me tell you, a month without this thing had me feeling so weird! And I can’t tell you how many times I probably looked like a crazy person always checking my wrist for the time, only to realize it wasn’t there. Now that it’s finally working again I feel so much better and have been appreciating it just like the day I got it.
Another favorite of mine that I have loved for years is the L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara in Carbon Black. This is the blackest mascara that I have ever used and the length it gives is pure perfection. I’ve been heartbroken for the past several months because I haven’t been able to find it in stores. The only thing I keep seeing is the original Telescopic mascara and that’s not what I want! Finally I gave in and ordered it on Amazon. I needed it that bad! It makes me happy to see it back in my collection and I get so much joy every time I apply it. If you can find this mascara anywhere, I highlyyyy recommend it!!
How long did it take Makeup Geek to release their contour powders?? Tooo longggg. They are one of the only brands that don’t put talc in their products and it makes a huge difference on my skin. My skin hates talc and breaks out like crazy when I use it too often. I love the Makeup Geek blushes, the formula, pigmentation, and texture. So I was very pleased to see the same quality in their contour powders. The blush I’m featuring this month is a new one that I ordered, Bliss. And the contour powder is Love Triangle. Bliss is a little too orange for me to use alone right now, but I’ve been pairing it with other blushes and it has looked gorgeous with everything. Love Triangle is a favorite because of it’s amazing quality and this shade is perfect for my pale winter skin.

I’m also including the bareMinerals Mineral Veil powder because it has a slight yellow tone to it and I’ve been liking to use that under my eyes to set concealer. I especially have been reaching for it on days where my dark circles are extra noticeable just to have something that neutralizes it a little bit more than a translucent powder would.
I included the Ulta Rose Gold palette in last month’s favorites also and am working on a separate blog post will all the details, so I won’t spend too much time here. I have continued to be impressed with this palette, not only in the shades that it offers but also in the quality of the shadows. It’s probably my most reached for palette right now because I love every look I’ve created with it.
More Makeup Geek products! I have a few of their eyeshadows already and was really impressed with those, but I needed two more to fill in a palette that I have. So I got Starry Eyed (foiled champagne pink) and High Tea (matte greenish brown). Again, the quality of these has impressed me very much and High Tea is a lot more wearable than I originally thought it would be.

I haven’t been too impressed with Maybelline’s Color Tattoos in the past, but in my birthday haul I shared that I picked up two more to test them again. While I’m still not blown away by the texture, I have been getting a good amount of use out of Barely Branded. I wish it were matte, but I love that it’s something quick to put on the lid. It gives a natural glam look to the face and allows me to have the option of adding shadow on top or ending it there. In the swatch picture below, Barely Branded is on the left, then Starry Eyed and High Tea.
While I didn’t list toooo many products, the products I did mention I am absolutely in love with. They have all made life easier and more enjoyable, which is what it’s all about. Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite products were this month, I’m always looking for new things to try!

~Mani Monday~
This week I’m wearing a Formula X nail polish that I got in an ipsy bag a long time ago. On the back of the little sample bottle, it says Power Source. So I’m assuming that’s the name, but I couldn’t find anything about purchasing it as a full size. However, it is almost identical to Sinful Colors’ Timbleberry and Ulta’s Showgirl. I’ve only worn this one other time, so I don’t remember too much about the wear time of it. It does require two coats and since I have two others that are almost the same exact thing, I think it’s safe to say that I love this color!
What’s on your nails this week?


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