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A couple months ago, I posted a huge Elf Cosmetics Haul and have been putting those products to the test as much as I can. I’ve posted separate reviews of a few specific products since then, but thought it would be helpful to make an overall update post of that haul to include all of the other individual smaller items. I like to test products for a very generous amount of time before I start reviewing them and finally (three months later) I’ve gathered my thoughts on each of these items. I won’t mention so much about the brand, shipping, etc. as I usually do since I went in detail about those aspects in the haul post. But just as a general thought before we get into it, Elf Cosmetics have really been impressing me lately and I’m loving how they’re expanding and upgrading their brand with each new release.
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Smudge Eye Sponge: I like having a separate sponge to smudge out around the lash line rather than reaching for an eyeliner that has a sponge attached to it. It makes for faster application and is easier to clean. This sponge is hard enough and dense enough to easily blend out eyeliner without being too much of a hassle to work with. I definitely have been enjoying it.
Elf Blending Brush: Ohhh my goodnesss, I love this brush so much! I remember when I first got it and didn’t know where to start using it and for what purpose. I was thinking a light contour and some bronzing. And while it does work really well for that too, this has become my new favorite foundation brush. It’s even made an appearance in my 2015 Favorites and my January Favorites. It’s so incredibly soft and there’s just enough movement from the bristles to blend foundation flawlessly. What threw me off in the beginning is how it’s more thin than a typical blending brush when you look at it from the side. But the shape of this brush is what makes it so wonderful. It’s definitely a must have!  
Complexion Brush (left): Neither of these brushes have really made a remarkable impression in my makeup routine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. They definitely have their uses. I mainly use this brush for blending different areas of my face, such as blush and bronzer. It’s also nice as a powder brush and is just something I keep on hand as a helpful tool.

Blush Brush (right): This is definitely wayyy too small for me to use as a blush brush. I do have somewhat bigger cheeks, so that might just be an issue for me. I’ve mostly used this brush to apply highlighter and also to put a brightening powder underneath my eye area. I do have many other brushes that do the same job, so it’s not a brush that I would say I absolutely need in my collection.
High Definition Powder (Sheer): This has been a holy grail item in my daily routine for so many years. I bought this as a backup to one that I was almost out of and even included it in my February Empties post. I’m still working on the new one I opened and will absolutely repurchase it. I haven’t tried the Corrective Yellow shade that I mentioned in the haul post, but I am keeping it on my list! This powder really controls my oil and makes my pores look invisible. I’ve heard complaints of it giving a white cast in photos, but as long as you don’t take a picture immediately after application then you’re fine. It settles in after about 5-10 minutes and I’ve never had any issues.

High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder (Sheer): I always wanted to try this powder, but held back because it had glitter in it and that was the last thing I wanted to put under my eyes. Especially by my cheeks and nose which is the most oily. Thankfully, they reformulated and took the glitter out. I’m in love! This is such a fine powder and really helps fill in under eye wrinkles to prevent any concealer from creasing. So glad the drugstore finally has a great setting powder for the under eye area.
HD Lifting Concealer (Adjusting green and Brightening yellow): I don’t use these every day, mainly just for special occasions and really like the way they perform. This is one I did a separate review on in January. You can read all the details here.

Acne Fighting Foundation (Buff): I love this foundation! I’m not a big foundation person on the daily because I usually try to get away with just concealer, but this has really impressed me. It feels very lightweight on the skin and looks super natural. I wrote a full review of this one last week.
Eyebrow Stencil Kit: The only reason I picked this up was for the simple fact that it was on sale for $0.50 and I wanted it. I’m not really sure why, I think it just caught my interest and I wanted to see what an item like this was all about. After trying it, I think it’s a nice concept but it’s hard to use for me because the stencils are mostly all too big for my face and eye area. So, needless to say, I wasn’t able to use it very much. But if it fits the eyebrow area for you then I think it would be a fun product.

On the Spot Blot Mattifying Blotting Papers: These are awesome! Obviously they work, most blotting papers do. But I love that it has powder on one side, I’ve found that to make such a big difference with my oily skin. The applicator it comes with is so convenient and is the main reason I reach for this more than anything else. I still think the packaging is pretty bulky, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping it in my purse constantly.

Hydrating Under Eye Primer: I wasn’t too sure how well this was going to work. I thought it could either be really great or do nothing at all. And it did nothing for me at all. It was a little hydrating, but nothing more than what my morning eye cream already does. I wanted it to be something to really hold the concealer in place, but I didn’t notice a difference on that aspect either. It’s an intriguing product, but unfortunately I don’t recommend it.
Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow (Soiree): The texture of this product is so amazing, I just can’t get over it. It’s a little bouncy when you touch it and has an almost mousse like texture, but isn’t very much of a cream. It’s very interesting and I love it. The color is nice, but it’s a little dark for what I usually wear. I’d definitely like to see them come out with more shades of this.

Smudge Pot (Pearls of Wisdom): I didn’t know what to expect the difference to be between this one and Soiree, but I’ve found that this one is much more dry in consistency and isn’t as smooth. It was more patchy during application and didn’t come off as pigmented on the lid as it did in the swatch. If you’re deciding between the two, the Lustrous Eyeshadows are much better quality.

Baked Eyeshadow (Moonlight Serenade): This shadow was pretty disappointing. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the color once I got it and swatched it on my arm. It looked a lot different in the picture on their website. In person, it comes off as a more duochrome yellow color that doesn’t have much pigmentation behind it. Even when applying it wet, I didn’t notice as big of a difference as I was hoping to see and it doesn’t have a very smooth formula either.
Eye Transformer Palette: I mentioned in the haul that I never hear anybody talking about this product and I think it’s for a good reason. The shadows in this palette are very rough feeling, the shimmer is very noticeable in the texture which also transfers onto the lid and doesn’t look very smooth. It’s just not something I reach for as much as I thought I would’ve. I also don’t think the colors they chose to include in this palette are the most flattering.
Mad for Matte Palette: I posted my full review of this palette two weeks ago and raved on about how much I absolutely love it. The shadows in this palette are such amazing quality, so smooth, buttery, and soft I couldn’t believe it was from Elf!
As with hauls from most companies, there’s products that are good and some that aren’t so hot. I don’t hesitate for a second in letting you know my honest opinion and I hope you found this useful for the next time you’re visiting Elf’s website to place an order. They have released quite a few new products that I want to try since I made this purchase and if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to test, please let me know! I hope you have an absolutely beautiful day! :)


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