Empties - April 2016

I’ve been letting my empties pile up since I did my last post like this in February and I think it’s much overdue. My basket’s overflowing and I’m ready to throw this stuff in the trash. I’ve mentioned quite a few of these items before and won’t spend too much time repeating myself on those. But I do have a couple other items that I haven’t talked about before and am excited to let you know my thoughts. Especially because (like I always say) there’s never a better review of a product than when you’ve completely used it up! So let’s talk some trash..
Keeping it in categories, as usual, we’re starting with hair products. The biggest one you’ll see is Pantene’s Repair and Protect shampoo. This was my favorite shampoo of all time, but something was different about this one. I don’t know if I just got an odd bottle or if they changed the formula, but it was much more creamy than before. Not in a good way, though, more like in a make my hair greasy kind of way. So although I didn’t repurchase this specific one, I did stick with Pantene (my favorite hair care brand) and got their Curl Perfection shampoo instead. It’s been working much better!

I loveeee Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner. This is probably my fourth or fifth bottle of it. I use it twice a week and it works so good. Not to mention how incredibly delicious it smells (like coconuts) and it’s super affordable. Only the moist version, though. I’ve had the strong version too and it didn’t do anything. The little foil packet you see was a sample of the Infusion Therapy Keratin Replenisher. The product inside was pink, which was really cool, and smelled like vanilla bubble gum. However, I didn’t notice any miracles from the three uses I got out of it, so I can’t really say much.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good leave-in conditioner/cream for a while. I’m liking a different one I’m using right now, but I ran out of my Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme. I didn’t notice it doing the 10 different things that it claimed and while it did smell good, I don’t think it made my hair any softer or stronger. Same thing goes for the Coolway Leave in Treatment. I didn’t notice any difference.
I know I’ve talked about these two items quite a bit and I’m sorry, just let me mention these one more time and then I’ll stop! Maybe ;) I’m just so in love with the Glade Hawaiian Breeze scent, I can’t get enough of it. I use the Carpet Refresher regularly on my carpets and furniture, and the solid air freshener has a permanent home in almost every closet. If you haven’t tried these before, you definitely should! They’re incredibly affordable and make a huge difference!
This one obviously doesn’t need much explanation since I just posted my 10 Best Ways to Use Coconut Oil a couple weeks ago. I always buy the LouAna coconut oil because it’s the cheapest and does the same job as the “organic” fancy pants ones. Next time you’re in Walmart, pick one up and it’ll change your life!
Another product that is a staple in all of my empties posts, as well as a permanent item in my bathroom that cannot be replaced is the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub. This one is in Passion Fruit & Guava and it smelled amazing, just like they all do. I was even in Walmart the other day and saw they had new scents. Talk about getting excited!!
I love the Clinique Acne Solutions line and posted a separate review of how it was the only thing that was able to clear my skin. I’ve been using it for five years now, so who knows how many bottles of it I have gone through. Of course I’ve already repurchased both of these (Cleansing Foam and Moisturizer). I started thinking about all of the harsh chemicals I use on my face and wanted to incorporate something that was a little more gentle. I hear wonderful things about Cerave and Cetaphil, so I gave those a shot. I did not like the Cerave at all and couldn’t even finish a sample of it, but I loved the Cetaphil face wash! I have been using it at night and the Clinique one in the morning. It’s created a great balance and has surprisingly kept my acne cleared too!

The two foil packets you see are the Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel-Off mask and Boscia's Detoxifying Black Cleanser. I actually really liked both of these things. The seaweed mask made my face feel very refreshed and the cleanser actually creates a warming lather as you massage it in. If the cleanser wasn’t so pricey ($28 for 5 oz) then I’d definitely be purchasing it. But for now I’ll just stick with the Clinique/Cetaphil combination.
I mentioned all three of these items in my last empties post, so I won’t go into all the details that I already did. They were sold out of the Walmart brand version of the Crest 3D White Alcohol Free mouthwash, so I ended up purchasing the Target version instead. I did also buy another two back of both the Oral B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus floss and the Crest Pro-Health Whitening toothpaste.
The only makeup items that I ran out of was my Smith’s Rosebud Salve and the L’oreal Telescopic Carbon Black mascara. I wrote about the L'oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara in my last post and compared it to this original Telescopic version. In cased you missed it, I prefer the Shocking Extensions version muchhhh more!! Also, I posted about this Rosebud Salve before and how these are my favorite lip balms. I even had a backup ready to go once this one ran out. And something super exciting (you’d already know this if you follow me on social media--my accounts are at the bottom of posts & on the right sidebar), this lip balm got me featured on Buzzfeed! Check out that article here!
Quite a few things to mention this time, I know. However, I think I’m going to start leaving out the things that have been featured multiple times. I’m sure y’all get the point and probably know I’ll repurchase and mention specific items in every empties post and I don’t want to be too repetitive. I hope you enjoyed this and I’d love to hear any questions or comments you may have!

~Mani Monday~
This week I’m wearing a Sinful Colors nail polish in Tidal Wave. It’s a beautiful baby blue that’s perfect for Spring. I always see this color because of where I have it placed in my collection and I’m not sure why I always pass it up. I absolutely love the Sinful Colors line, as we know, and the wear time on this formula is very good for being a pastel. It’s so bright, I love it!
What’s on your nails this week?


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