Wet n Wild Naked Truth Palette Review

I don’t think it’s any secret by now that I truly adore Wet n Wild products. I’ve mentioned them countless times and in cased you missed those, you can find them all here. One thing that I always felt like they were missing in their line were products that had more matte options. They tend to keep more shimmer shadows in their permanent line and for a matte lover, there’s only so many times I can work with shimmers before I’m totally bored. When they released their Naked Truth five pan palette, I was all over it! Not only did it have some matte options, but it was completely neutral toned and part of their permanent collection!
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Wet n Wild is incredibly affordable and you can find this palette at most drugstores, Target, Walmart, etc. for around $4 and score an even better deal if you catch it when they’re having a sale. Sometimes when Wet n Wild changes up their products or releases limited edition items, they can tend to be a little off par from the buttery texture we’ve come to love. Thankfully, this palette has that same amazing texture and pigmentation that their trios and eight pan palettes have.

As you can see in the swatch picture below, the first two shadows aren’t highly pigmented. In fact, you can barely tell that the first shadow is even there at all. But that’s okay. That is the base shadow, which gets used over the primer to help the other shadows blend out more easily. That’s not a shade you want to be very pigmented because you don’t want it to add any other color to the look you’re trying to create. It’s just there to make the job easier and is also a good tool to use for correction if you accidentally go a little heavy handed. The darkest matte brown shadow has multiple uses and I love that they included a lighter matte taupe as well.
The shadows in the palette are labeled for the order they recommend you use them in, but of course it’s just makeup and you can put them wherever you’d like. To create the look in the picture below, I used the “base” shade over my Milani eyeshadow primer. I blended the “eyelid” shade back and forth in the crease, then layered the “crease” shade directly on top of that as well as focusing it on the outer corner and slightly on my lower lash line. I brought in my beloved Ulta Naked single eyeshadow to put on the inner half of the lid and inner corner to really brighten the look. I placed the “definer” shade as close to my lashline as I could get it to use as my eyeliner. Using a dark brown as eyeliner rather than a black helps soften the look and make your lashes appear thicker because it creates an undetectable shadow rather than an obvious harsh black line.
I can’t tell you enough how much I recommend this palette! It’s such an easy product to reach for and can be used daily to create an easy, natural look that really enhances and opens the eyes. I’ve taken this on multiple overnight trips and it has everything that I need, minus the bright white pearl of Ulta’s Naked eyeshadow. I seriously use that shadow in every single look, no matter what colors I’m working with. The theme of this palette and what you can achieve with it reminds me a lot of Lorac’s Love, Lust, & Lace matte eyeshadow palette that was limited edition during the holidays. I raved about that palette in the review that I posted and this is a permanent, more affordable alternative. Let me know your thoughts on this palette in the comments and what your favorite everyday drugstore eyeshadow palette is! Hope you have a beautiful day! :)


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