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Makeup Geek was a brand that I heard everyone raving about for such a long time. At first, I thought it was just a bunch of hype and ignored it. The thought of buying makeup products from an online only company didn’t appeal to me very much. I like to touch products and see their actual color before making my purchases. But, since I just kept hearing about it and learned more about their company I finally decided to give in. I absolutely fell in love with the products on my first purchase, that I placed another order and already know it won’t be my last. Aside from literally being an actual makeup geek, I am totally in love with the company and everything that I have tried.
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Makeup Geek was founded by Marlena, who got her start from Youtube. If you don’t watch her videos, you’re really missing out! She’s such a sweet, kind-hearted person who’s always so full of life. She created a small business that started with eyeshadows, keeping her focus on high quality, affordable items that were made in the USA with the best ingredients available. What drew me to her products was the fact that she does not use talc in anything (read my story on talc here). After reading more about the company and everything that they do, I thought it was too good to be true. But it’s not. They really are amazing in every single aspect. Products, prices, ingredients, customer service, shipping, everything!

The first three items I want to talk about are blushes. I have the colors Spellbound, Bliss, and Hanky Panky. These all retail for $10 each and you get .15 oz of product. I always purchase mine in the pans rather than in compacts because they’re cheaper and take up less space as far as storage is concerned. The metal pan is already magnetic, so you can place it in whatever type of palette you would like. Spellbound (left) is my single favorite blush that I’ve ever tried. It’s such a perfect soft pink shade that matches everything. Bliss (middle) is a beautiful light peach, but actually doesn’t show up very well on my skin tone right now. Hanky Panky (right) is a super bright pink that is actually really difficult to wear on its own unless you use a very light hand to apply it. I actually have been pairing Hanky Panky with Bliss on top lately and love that combination.
I waited foreverrr for them to release their contour powders and ordered two the day they launched. They’re the same price and size as the blushes. It’s split up on their website for the contour powders according to your undertone, cool or warm. I’m not completely sure what mine is, so I went with warm because that’s more common and the cooler tones can have an ashy shadow on me. I chose the shades Love Triangle (left) and Bad Habit (right). Love Triangle is the lightest of the warm contour powders and the one that matches me the most right now. Bad Habit is the next shade up on the warm side and what I use for a more contoured look. Although these are advertised as contour powders, I use Love Triangle to bronze with daily. It looks so natural and gives the most beautiful matte bronze glow. The swatch looks like there’s a tiny bit of orange-y undertones to the powders, but that doesn’t show up on the skin.
The eyeshadows were the original products that started Makeup Geek and made them so popular. They sell for $6 each and contain .064 oz of product (the pan size is the same as Coastal Scents, Morphe, Mac, etc). I have seven shades, (from left to right) Barcelona Beach, Unexpected, High Tea, and Cocoa Bear are on the top row and all matte. Barcelona Beach is one of my all-time favorite shadows, but I love how unique Unexpected is and how perfectly High Tea matches with my eye color. Cocoa Bear is one of their more popular shadows (named after Marlena’s hubby) and one that I just received in my last Boxycharm.

The second row from left to right are Shimma Shimma, Starry Eyed, and Cosmopolitan. Shimma Shimma is another one of their most popular shadows and for good reason. It’s so bright and shimmery, and looks great with everything. Starry Eyed is one of their foiled shadows and seriously feels like you’re working with butter. All of the Makeup Geek products that I have tried are extremely smooth, but the texture (and pigmentation) of their foiled shadows is just amazing! I mean, look at the swatch picture below. It’s incredible how much light it reflects. Cosmopolitan was also in my Boxycharm and is a beautiful rose gold shade.
If you haven’t tried anything from Makeup Geek yet, I can’t tell you how much I recommend it. I’ve really been blown away with all of their products and can’t wait to add more to my collection. I just picked up my first Mac eyeshadows (they’re now $6) and honestly, Makeup Geek is just as good if not better. I love Makeup Geek’s company, where they started, what they stand for, their business practices, they have it all figured out. Ordering online can seem a little intimidating, but Makeup Geek has awesome swatches on their website for reference. Their shipping is incredibly affordable at $1.99 and knowing that their customer service will take care of any problems is definitely relieving.

I can’t get over how wonderful the quality is of their products and the prices. The reason I love drugstore companies is because it drives me crazy what high-end companies think they can charge for their products. Makeup Geek is proof that good ingredients can be used, high quality products can be produced, and prices can remain affordable. I don’t know what Makeup Geek has in store for the future, but I do know that I will always be a customer. Let me know in the comments what your favorite Makeup Geek products are and I hope you have a beautiful day! :)


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