Ulta Rose Gold Palette Review

I had my eye on this Ulta Rose Gold Palette ever since they released it over a year ago and I finally decided to pick it up during my birthday shopping back in January. I’ve mentioned it many times since then and it has appeared in all of my monthly favorites the past three months that I’ve had it. I already knew that I love Ulta brand eyeshadows and when trying to choose between this palette and the Gilded Gold version, I thought the colors in the Rose Gold palette were so much more unique compared to other palettes that I own. I’ve been using this constantly and have loved every single look I’ve created with it.
This palette retails at $20 (is available for coupons as well as discounts) and comes with 12 eyeshadows. A brush is included, but there is no mirror on the inside packaging. I actually don’t mind that since they chose to make some of the cover clear so you can see the colors. That makes it easier when you’re trying to make decisions on what to use when looking through your collection. One thing I immediately noticed when I opened it up were that the eyeshadows are named! That impressed me so much because it’s such a rare thing to see in a drugstore palette. It has a type of cardboard packaging and closes with a pretty secure magnet. I think you do get a decent amount of shadow in each pan and they included an even amount of shimmers and mattes.
The top row is where all the shimmers are placed. The colors from left to right are: Champagne, Pink, Hopeless Romantic, Chandelier, Luxe, and Dahlia. The only ones I could find available individually on the Ulta website are Pink and Hopeless Romantic. I’m assuming all the other shades are exclusive to this palette. I’m really happy with the quality of all the shimmer shadows. They are all smooth, easy to blend, and have just the slightest texture of glitter. Champagne is the color I use most to put on the inner half of the lid. Pink, as you can see in the swatch below, is the least pigmented out of them all. Luxe and Dahlia are both great shades to use as liner.
The second row has all of the matte shadows: Prosecco, Bubbles, Breathless, Dessert, Sweetheart, and Orchid. Of course matte shadows are my favorites, so I get the most use out of these. Prosecco and Bubbles are great shades to use as a base or to help blend. Breathless is my absolute favorite to put in the crease for just a small amount of definition. And I love the purple-y gray tones of Orchid. Usually I’ll mix the last three and blend them all out in the crease and outer corner. When I have a palette with such great colors like this, mixing shades is always so much fun!
I had really high hopes for this palette just based on my past experience with Ulta eyeshadows (read my review of their singles here) and I was definitely impressed. I absolutely love that they included names on all of the shades! Although I took the brush out, it is stored with my others and isn’t bad. It’s a little fluffier than a typical flat shader brush. The texture on all of the shadows in this palette is incredibly smooth and they have a longer wear time on me than most other eyeshadows. With a primer, fading begins around six hours and creasing around 7-8 hours. If you don’t have as oily of eyelids as me, they’ll probably last much longer. I really love this palette and definitely recommend it to everyone!

~Mani Monday~
This week I chose Daddy’s Girl by Sinful Colors. I haven’t worn this polish in a long time and now I remember why. It’s not that anything’s wrong with the color or the quality of the polish, but the consistency of it is much more thin than normal. I had to paint three coats to get it this opaque and in person, it’s obvious around the edges that there are three layers. I’ve always been impressed with Sinful Colors so maybe I just got a bad bottle, I’m not sure.
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