Ole Henriksen Oil Control Review

Ole Henriksen is a brand that I have never tried anything from before. I was pretty set with my skincare routine and did honestly sit on these products for a while before testing them out. New skincare products can be really exciting, but also a little scary sometimes because I’m worried they might break me out. After doing a little more research on these products and the brand, I finally decided to go for it and give these a shot. I was very surprised!
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I have the full three step Oil Control System, thanks to Influenster. That’s quickly become one of my favorite websites because they never filter or pay out any money for their reviews. So while I did receive these products for free, I am not being compensated for writing this post and Influenster is not requiring me to write anything about these products. I just thought it would be a good review and first impression of this brand.

The first item is cleanser, obviously. Most of these items can be found at Sephora and the Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser will cost you $25 for 5 oz of product. This isn’t the most affordable brand, it’s definitely up there with my old favorite Clinique products. But skincare is something you need to invest your time and money in. The best makeup starts with perfect skin!

This product claims to purify and deeply cleanse the skin with its Green Fusion Complex, neem seed oil, and glycolic and lactic acids. All of these products are meant to control your oil and refine your pores for a more matte complexion. The packaging is very nice and just a little bit of product goes a long way. It makes my skin feel very clean without leaving behind any soapy or film-like texture.
The next step is the Balancing Force Oil Control Toner which retails at $26 for 6.5 oz of product. Toner might be my favorite part of any skincare routine. Cleanser always makes my skin feel very clean, but toner is like the icing on the cake. This one claims to control oil and minimize the appearance of pores while also freshening the skin with it Green Fusion Complex, neem seed oil, salicylic acid, and AHAs. It takes everything off of the face that needs to be removed without completely stripping the skin. I also like that it has some salicylic acid in there for acne benefits.
Last is the Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator which sells for $34 and comes with 1.7 oz of product. I don’t know why, but moisturizers are always the most expensive part of any skincare system like this. This product claims to be ultra-light to control oil and mattify with the same Green Fusion Complex, neem seed oil, rosehip fruit extract, and AHAs. I’m not a skincare professional, so I can’t tell you what all these fancy sounding ingredients actually do for the skin. But I can tell you that this is very lightweight and does control my oil longer than most other products.
Besides these products actually working to control my oil like they claim to do, my two favorite things about this system is the scent and the tingling sensation it leaves behind. The smell is very refreshing and reminds me a lot of the Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint scent that I love. I’m not exactly sure what the Green Fusion Complex is that’s in each of these products, but they all leave a nice tingling sensation to the skin that feels even more refreshing. The tingling is somewhat similar to what peppermint oil feels like, but not as strong.

I was so much more impressed with this skincare line than I was expecting to be. When products claim to control my oil like these do, I tend to just roll my eyes now after being so disappointed with other products in the past. I was very pleased to see that these do what they claim to do. It’s definitely a line that I would recommend and will probably consider repurchasing in the future.

If you have any other questions or have tried these products before, please leave me your comments below. I’d love to hear what products are your favorite from the Ole Henriksen brand. After this, I might need to try more!


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