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It’s my favorite when we get products in Boxycharms that can all be used on different areas of the skin. Luckily, the March box included something for the face, something for bronzer, a palette for the eyes, and two lip products. It’s not the way Boxycharm intends for their boxes to be, but I’ve really been enjoying challenging myself to combine as many products included in the box as I can to create as close to an entire look as possible. This time was pretty difficult, mainly because the colors in the eyeshadow palette are so bright. I think I made it work, though!
I already had my face makeup done, so I’ll be taking you through this tutorial on how I combined all three eyeshadows in this Naked Cosmetics palette. The first thing I needed to do is prime my eyes. I got this Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome (Beige Luster) in a recent Ulta Haul and I’ve been loving it. It holds onto eyeshadow beautifully and lasts all day!
Color Tattoo.JPGPrimed.JPG
Since this palette doesn’t have any matte shades or a brown, I reached for my IBY Beauty eyeshadow palette that I also received in a previous Boxycharm and used the soft matte brown shade on a Morphe MB23 brush to create a soft definition in the crease. Adding in a brown will also help to ground the other bright colors we’ll be using in the Naked Cosmetics palette.
IBY 3.jpgSoft brown.JPG
Taking the middle copper shade on a Sephora Professionals blending brush, I placed that on the outer corner of my eye and blended up into the crease. This is probably the most buttery shade in the palette and blends amazingly well. It’s very pigmented and a little goes a long way, so start with a light hand and add more until you’re happy with the color. Although this formula is very easy to blend, you want to make sure you still go in with a separate empty blending brush that has a little more loose bristles to prevent it from looking splotchy.
Middle shade.jpgCopper.JPGBlend copper.JPG
To use the purple shade in the palette, I took that on a small Ulta Crease brush and placed it in a “v” shape on the very outer corner of my eye. The bristles on this brush are so dense, it makes it really easy to control exactly where you want the color to go. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but I actually really liked how the copper and purple layer together.
Last shade.jpgPurple.JPG
The colors in this palette are all completely shimmery and that’s not necessarily how I like my eyeshadow looks to be. In order to fix that, I’m taking the tiniest amount of Wet n Wild’s Brulee on a fluffy eyeshadow brush from Sonia Kashuk and blending that right on top. Not only will this create a more matte appearance to the shadows, it will also help to blend things a little lighter if you went too heavy handed with the other colors. This eyeshadow is only $1 and should be a staple in everyone’s collection!
Wet n Wild single.jpegBlend purple.JPG
I decided to place the green on the lower lashline with a BH Cosmetics #105 pencil brush. Again, this is something I was a little worried about because it’s not what I would typically do, but I think it looked pretty good after applying it. I only went about halfway in with this shade and didn’t apply it too dark because I just wanted a subtle hint of color, but that’s personal preference. I don’t like a lot of shadow under my lower lashes.
First shade.jpgGreen.JPG
Going back into that IBY palette, I’m mixing the first two shades and applying that on the inner half of my lid. These aren’t two shades you would typically mix together, but I just decided to go for it. I didn’t want much more copper than what’s already there and I also didn’t want something as bright as the white shade. Combining them together actually worked really well. I applied these shades with my finger first and then blended it out with a Morphe M153 brush.
IBY 1 and 2.jpgLid.JPG
When I use shimmery shades on the lid, I typically like to go on the inner corner with a matte shade for some contrast. But since I’m doing things pretty different today, I decided to stick with the IBY palette and used the bright white shade on a small smudge brush from the Sephora Professionals collection. I wouldn’t recommend using this underneath the brow bone, though. It is just a little too shimmery for that.
IBY 1.jpgInner corner.JPG
For eyeliner, I decided to go with a dark purple and used the Jordana Easy Eyeliner in Eggplant as my pencil base. Then to set the pencil, I used an Ecotools angled eyeliner brush to place that same purple eyeshadow from the Naked Cosmetics palette directly on top. The purple in the palette is a little too light to use on its own for eyeliner, so placing the pencil down first will make it appear darker and also keep it in place longer.
Finishing up with a ton of coats of mascara and then we’ll be done. Instead of sticking with my typical mascara routine, I wanted to try out the Lancôme Définicils mascara. It claims to be lengthening and defining, but I didn’t like it very much. The wand was a little difficult to use and the final result left me wanting more. This is why I use two mascaras!
Here’s a close-up of the final product:
And a quick reference guide recapping every step we just did:
I am so surprised with how this look came out. I almost can’t even believe it. I have been staring at this palette all month, wondering what to do with it. I just kinda made it up as I went and it’s so much better than what I was expecting. The shadows do blend very easily and are crazy pigmented, but I would’ve liked to see a different color range especially considering its ridiculous $40 price tag.

As far as the other products I received in that Boxycharm, I used the Smashbox primer and wasn’t as impressed with how matte it kept my skin throughout the day. I applied my bronzer with the Crown Brush SS023 Deluxe Fan brush. That is super soft and worked great! The RealHer lipliner and liquid lipstick are on my lips in the title picture. I think the color is absolutely beautiful and while the pencil is buttery smooth, the liquid lipstick felt like Elmer’s glue.

If you re-create this look or get inspired to do something similar, please tag me on social media. I’d love to see what you come up with! Did you receive this palette in your March Boxycharm? How did you like it?

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