Fun with Phocus Photography

As you probably know, if you’ve been on my blog before, I just completely adore our photographers that we had for our wedding. They are a married couple, Tim and Audrey Sewell, who own a company called Phocus Photography. We met them a little over a year ago and booked our wedding with them immediately. Little did we know back then how much of an impact they would have on our lives. I’ve shared countless pictures that they captured on our wedding day and now I wanted to highlight their work again on one very special project that I was lucky enough to be a part of.

We were actually recommended to Tim and Audrey from our wedding venue, Sowell Farms. When we originally booked our wedding date, we received a folder with information about the venue, along with some of their recommended vendors. For not ever looking into it before, we were shocked at what some photographers think they can charge! It’s like as soon as you tack on the word “wedding” to something, it immediately becomes seven times more expensive than it would otherwise be. Not only did Tim and Audrey have very competitive prices, they gave us so much more than what we could have ever expected from them. One of those things being this fun bridal style photo shoot that they asked me to participate in.
I don’t even want to admit to you how late I am on this post. These photos were actually taken a few months before our wedding and I am just now getting them up to share with you! What is wrong with me?!?! In this photo shoot, I was able to model two wedding dresses from a local boutique called Simply Elegant. The photos were taken at 5Eleven, which is a venue in Downtown Pensacola. I had already tried on a few wedding dresses and had one being altered for my own wedding, so it was really fun to play around in two other dresses that were completely different than the one I had already chosen.
The first dress had long sleeves with a deep V-neck and an open back. I loved how dainty and simple it was, but still very elegant and flattering. The second dress was sleeveless and had a much bigger skirt. That one definitely made me feel like a princess because of how big it was! It was also fun to have my hair styled in an updo for this shoot because I had planned on wearing it down for my wedding. I got to see all different aspects of the bridal style, it was beautiful!
Aside from myself, there were also two other girls in the shoot to do group shots with. I had only met them once before and we had so much fun! Posing with a straight face is so difficult for me, especially when surrounded by such great people that keep me laughing. Now it’s just a big joke that I have to get a big laugh out before I can calm down and compose myself. Is anyone else like that or are you able to make a straight face on command? Because if you can, teach me your ways!
The flowers were from Hummingbirds, which is a local florist near us. All of the arrangements were so unique and nothing like I had ever seen before. Danielle, pictured center in the photo below, worked some of her amazing magic doing our makeup for this shoot. I love the makeup that she did and am so grateful for some of the tricks I learned from her. She made my false lashes feel like they weren’t even there! And not only do we share a love of makeup, we also got married on the same exact day! How ironic is that?!
I love looking at all these photos because it reminds me of how much fun I had that day. My mom tried to get me into modeling when I was a kid and apparently, I wasn’t having it as such a young age. She must’ve seen the potential in me because I truly enjoyed every minute of this experience. I am so grateful that Tim and Audrey presented me with this opportunity and it is something that I will look back on forever. ♥


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