March Boxycharm Unboxing

You know how they say that if you don’t expect anything then you won’t be disappointed? That’s kinda the point that I’m getting to with my Boxycharm shipments. As soon as the beginning of the month would hit and I’d see the payment go through, I’d watch my email like a hawk waiting for that tracking number. That made it feel like it took forever. So now I figure if I take a new approach and try to just forget about it, then I’ll be happy and surprised when it does show up. I’ll keep you updated on how that works out for me, but for now so far so good!...A lot like last month’s products!

~Crown Brush 3-Piece Brush Set~ The bristles are extremely soft, as with all Crown Brush brushes that I have tried. I understand that they were trying to make the brushes all cutesy with the pink and white, but it’s not very useful when using light powders and they look dirty extremely fast. I wish they’d go back to the black and silver packaging and leave the pink and white to Wet n Wild.

~Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil (Jet Black)~ This is such a smooth pencil!! I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this brand and the fact that it’s an actual wooden pencil rather than a retractable, but I barely have to touch my eye with this. It glides on beautifully! However, the price ($21) is still insane, so I wouldn’t recommend it just based on that.

~Cover FX Shimmer Veil (Amethyst)~ I haven’t tried this over my eyeshadow or wearing it alone because I’m too scared it’ll crease on my oily eyelids, but I love using it as an eyeshadow primer -- as you might have seen in my tutorial featuring all of these products. It holds onto eyeshadow very well and helps to intensify the color. I also really enjoyed it’s almost gel-like consistency.

~Pür Cosmetics X-Faux Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator~ I thought I was going to really love this...and I did, until I went to wash it off. I love the convenience of having a lip exfoliator in a crayon type product and it seemed to do a nice job exfoliating. It had enough beads in it, but it left a disgusting white oily film on my lips when I tried to wash it off. I’m assuming that’s one of the moisturizers they put in it, but it was awful! It did tingle a little, although I didn’t notice any real plumping effects more than I normally would after exfoliating. I’ll just stick to my DIY scrub from now on.

~Ofra Blush~ I could still do without the specks of glitter, but other than that I absolutely love it. The color is beautiful, it applies very easily, it lasts all day. I just wish I knew the shade name! Ofra could really improve on that!

~Ofra Magnetic Palette~ Loveeee it!! I knew I’d be obsessed as soon as I saw this in the box, and it really has been such a relief having a place to store my extra blush and eyeshadow pans. I was slightly concerned about the design of it and while I do prefer the standard palettes, this one is perfectly fine with a strong magnet that keeps everything in place.

For the most part, I did really enjoy last month’s products. There were a few things that I would change about a couple of them, but overall I was very happy with it! The theme for the March box is Bae cation, which is super cute considering it’s Spring Break season. All the products are very bright and adorable, let’s get to it!
The first item is from a brand that I’ve never heard of before, it’s called South Mane Beauty and these are their Under Eye Gels. There was a pack of three in the box and the reference card says this is a $10 value. That’s a little on the lower end compared to other products we’re used to getting in the box, but also a good thing if I do end up enjoying them and want to repurchase in the future. These claim to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and moisturize the eye area to leave you looking rested and refreshed after 30 minutes of wear. I’ve been really into eye masks lately, so I’m super excited to try these out! And how cute is this packaging, though?!
Last month, we received the Smokey eye pencil from Vintage Cosmetics and this month we get to try their Smokey Eye Brush Set, which is a $23 value. It comes with three brushes and although they don’t have names, they do have “steps.” The first says “Step 1...for the money” and looks like a small shader brush. The second says “Step 2...for the shadow” and is an angled shader brush. The third one says “Step 3...Go Girl Go” and is a small smudge brush. I think the packaging is cute, although I am concerned about having the same problem with the color of these bristles as I did with the Crown Brush set. They are very soft, but as you can see in the second picture below one of them is already starting to lose bristles right out of the box. I’ll definitely have to be very careful and pay close attention to that!
Again with the gorgeous packaging!! I love all things gold!! This is from Pretty Vulgar and is their Make Them Blush blush in the shade Hush Blush. Do you think there’s enough “blush” in that name?? I absolutely love the color of it and it seems to be completely matte. It swatches very well, so I’m already getting my hopes up pretty high for this. My only complaint is that talc is the first ingredient...
I loveee when they include Pür Cosmetics products in the boxes! That has very quickly become one of my favorite brands. Not only because their products have always been very impressive, but also because they don’t use a lot of bad ingredients and their prices are relatively affordable compared to other high-end competitors. This seems to be a collaboration eyeshadow palette ($36) with Boxycharm, so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to purchase it anywhere else.
I love the outside packaging, it feels exactly like their Soirée Diaries eyeshadow palette that I am still completely obsessed with. The colors in this are much different than anything we’ve ever gotten before and there are definitely a few new shades that I don’t have anywhere in my collection. These shades just scream Summer to me, which I am totally ready for! These seem to swatch very well, as with most other Pür Cosmetics products. You already know there will be a tutorial and full review of this coming your way in the future!!
The last product in the box is from Butter London. This is their Double Decker Lashes mascara, which retails for $20. I have about 16 ½ other mascaras sitting to the side right now waiting to be tested, so I’m not exactly sure when I’ll get to this. It does have traditional bristles with a slightly thin wand. This claims to provide 200% thicker lashes and to increase lash curl by 314%. I feel like they just made that up, 314%? How do you even measure that?! The first thing I noticed, aside from the crazy claims, is that the packaging is less than impressive. I know Butter London isn’t known for flashy packaging like that Pretty Vulgar blush, but this just looks really old school to me. Idk, maybe I’m just being too quick to judge. If you try it, let me know!!
The total value for this month’s box is $115! That’s more than 5 times what I paid!! I may be super excited to try all of these products, but it’s still an amazing feeling even when I’m only interested in just a few items. I love a good deal and Boxycharm always delivers (no pun intended) when it comes to prices! If you haven’t signed up already, you can visit their website here to get great deals like this every month too!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Did you get this month’s Boxycharm? What products are you most excited about?

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