Beauty Product Fails #3

I’m back at it again, talking more trash! But this time it’s not an empties post, I’m actually talking about products that are really no good. This is my third post in this series and I think it’s safe to say I reached my goal. Not in the sense that I don’t have any more fails to share with you after this (because I totally do), but in the sense that I’ve saved you some money. I know that when I do research on a product before purchasing, I look through both the good and the bad. I want to know everything about a product before I spend my money on it. And if for whatever reason I ended up wasting my money, I want to share my experience to prevent you from doing the same.
Product fails.jpg
I talked in depth about this NYX Dream Catcher palette in one of my first blogs a year and a half ago. I didn’t like it back then and I still don’t like it today. There are a few shade selections from this palette collection, but the one I have is called Golden Horizons. As with most NYX eyeshadows, they can be pretty hit or miss as far as the quality, texture, and pigmentation. The darker shades in this palette were fine and didn’t give me much trouble. The problem came in with the lighter shades. Between the first two cream shades and the lighter pink shade, there might as well not even be anything there at all. You can (almost) see in the swatch picture below how light they really are. NYX isn’t a very expensive brand by any means, but it’s a pretty big waste when three out of the ten shades in a palette are no good at all.
Eyeshadow palette.JPGEyeshadow swatch.JPG
I really like a lot of Jordana products, especially their retractable eyeliners and lipliners. Except for this one in the shade Punk Rock Purple. Obviously I knew it had glitter in it when I bought it because it says it in big letters on the packaging, but this was almost all silver glitter and no creamy purple. I have another purple glitter eyeliner from Starlooks and that one is much better. Aside from the amount of glitter that this one had, the glitter was really rough and uncomfortable to apply so close to my lashline.
Eyeliner.JPGEyeliner swatch.JPG
If you haven’t heard about Benefit’s Hoola bronzer, I don’t know where you’ve been. That has to be one of the most popular bronzers in the entire cosmetic industry. I’ve never purchased the actual one before, but I have the NYC dupe and absolutely love the color. Unfortunately, Benefit decided they were gonna try to fix something that wasn’t broken and create a liquid spinoff. While the formula isn’t the worst in the world, the color is awful. Why they changed a color that was so loved instead of keeping the original shade, I have no idea. It’s really easy to blend and I know a lot of people would enjoy the pump, but it is so orange I can’t stand it. Had this been in the actual Hoola shade, I probably would have loved it.
Hoola.JPGHoola swatch.JPG
This color is absolutely stunning, let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. Stunning, I tell you! I got this in my March Boxycharm with a matching lip liner to go with it. I loved the quality and consistency of the lip liner, I don’t think I’ve ever felt one that’s more creamy. But this Real Her Cosmetics Ladylove Matte Liquid Lipstick is the stickiest formula ever. I’m not usually someone who likes many liquid lipsticks to begin with and this has to be one of the worst. I’ve tried to get over it because the color is so perfect, but I just can’t. It feels worse than Elmer’s glue.
Lipgloss.JPGLipgloss swatch.JPG
This is one of the most disappointing ones yet. I love so many things from Pür Cosmetics and I’ve been impressed by almost everything I’ve tried from them in the past. I was so excited when these were included in my April Boxycharm, I couldn’t wait to start playing. There were three sponges included in the set, so I had one for everything. After trying as hard as I could to dampen them and make them soft, they were still some of the hardest sponges I’ve ever tried to use. They barely blended in my makeup and literally made my face hurt when I was done. I haven’t found anything yet that has come close to my favorite Real Techniques sponges.
I know it’s Monday, so I’m sorry I had to dish out so much negativity today but these really are some of the worst products I’ve tried. At least the palette has shades in it that were useable, unlike the liquid lipstick and the sponges. I was really sad about both of those. I guess that goes to show you why there are so many options available on the market.

~Mani Monday~
I’ve had this color on my toes for the past week or two and I loved it so much I had to put it on my nails too. The polish I’m wearing is Orly’s Just Peachy. I found this at TJMaxx a long time ago and fell in love with all the beautiful pink peachy tones it has. Unfortunately, I don’t wear it very much because it has a gritty texture that it leaves behind even after applying a top coat. If you can get over the texture of it, I’d definitely recommend picking it up if you can find it anywhere just because nothing comes close to all the colors this puts off.
Just Peachy.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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