Emma Beauty L.A. Manicure Collection

Ever since my wedding (2+ years ago), I found a new appreciation for classic nail polish colors. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still rock some blues and purples every so often. It’s just that now I find myself reaching for more classic shades like pinks and reds, or soft feminine shades like muted whites and pastels. With that being said, it’s easy to imagine how quickly I fell in love with this new Emma Beauty L.A. Manicure collection!
Picking out sheer shades like this can sometimes be difficult because it’s almost impossible to tell how sheer the color is really going to be once applied to the nails. Undertones can also be a little tricky. With such a nude polish, the wrong undertone can sometimes make the skin around it look sickly. This set is a great solution for finding the perfect shade!

Each of these polishes retails on the Emma Beauty website for $6 and comes with .5 fl oz of product. The entire set is available for $36, which is a bit of a disappointment. I would’ve expected the collection to be listed at a slight discount if purchased as a whole, but it is not. I am happy to see, though, that this set claims to be free of 12+ harmful ingredients, compared to their previous 7 free polishes.
The first color in this set is called Soft Lips & White Tips. This is the whitest color in this collection. However, it is still more of a muted white rather than a stark white like my favorite Snow Me White polish by Sinful Colors. I did have to apply two thick coats and while there is a sheerness to this shade, it is pretty opaque.
The second more white toned shade in this set is called I Dream of Ice Cream. This one is much more sheer than the previous shade, but still just as beautiful. Again, this one required two thick coats and didn’t leave behind any brush streaks.
The next polish is called Love the View in Malibu. This is more of a classic sheer nude. It has the slightest amount of pink undertones and almost looks invisible upon first glance. This is the type of soft feminine shade I’ve been loving and might be one of my top favorites in this set! No formula issues and perfectly opaque.
Beach, Sand, & Tanned was the first color I tried from this set and is another one of my favorites. It’s more of an actual nude polish because of its beige undertones, yet it doesn’t make my skin look sickly at all. It’s slightly more opaque than the previous shade and the formula is effortless. It’s not the first thing to catch the eyes, but when it does it looks so elegant and flattering.
The last two shades in this set are more pink based. This one is called Let’s Cruise to Santa Cruz. When looking at it in the bottle, I was expecting more of a pastel shade but it’s actually more sheer than that. It is slightly similar to Love the View in Malibu, although that one is a little more opaque.
What looks to be the brightest color of the bunch is actually the least noticeable on the nails. This polish is called Think Pink! and is almost invisible, even when looking closely. I did apply two thick coats and it still didn’t look very different. This is probably my least favorite in the collection just because I feel like I could get the same effect with a simple base coat.
Based on my past experience with this brand’s lighter pastels and neons, I was a little concerned about how opaque and streaky these polishes would be. Thankfully, these were exactly what I was hoping for and more! Definitely my favorite collection I’ve tried from the Emma Beauty brand. Highly recommend!!

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