Olive Eyeshadow Tutorial

Fall weather in Florida isn’t really anything special, but every now and then there might be a tree with some colorful leaves. Those few changing leaves inspired me to play with some new eyeshadow colors that I wouldn’t usually reach for. The Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe palette has a gorgeous Fall color scheme and an insanely impressive formula. This look focuses on a beautiful shimmery olive shade complemented with warm browns in the crease. Super easy and perfect for Fall!
To start, I primed my eyes using the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Beige Luster. This is one of my all-time favorite primers, but this particular color is especially perfect for Fall because of its bronze tones.
Once the primer is dry, I’m taking the shade Coco-Taxi and blending that in my crease. We will be going a little dark with this look, so don’t worry about applying too much of this color. This will act as a warm-toned backdrop for some of the other cooler shades.
Next I’m taking Cafecito and packing that on the outer third of my lid. This is an extremely pigmented shade, so start with a light hand and add more as needed. I also blended whatever was left on my brush slightly into the crease to make the eyes and lid space appear bigger. Once the shadow was applied, I went in with a separate, empty, loose-bristled blending brush to soften the edges.
Now for the star of the show! I took El Malecón and placed that over the inner part of my eye that didn’t have any other color on it. I packed it on with my finger first and then blended it into the crease with a small shader brush. This is another intensely pigmented shadow. A very small amount of this color goes a long way!
Next I’m using a pencil brush and applying Coco-Taxi and Cafecito under the lower lashes in the same way I applied them on the upper lid. This will help tie everything together and prevent the look from appearing too top heavy.
For eyeliner, I used my favorite Elf Cream liner in the shade Coffee. This is a very dark brown that adds enough definition without looking too harsh. The formula is super creamy, easy to work with, and lasts all day.
Finishing up by curling my lashes and adding three coats of my favorite Benefit Roller Lash mascara. This is definitely a look that would pair beautifully with some falsies, but this mascara is gorgeous and applies faster for everyday wear.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
To finish up the cheeks, I used a combination of shades Seclusion and Toasted from the Alamar Cosmetics Colorete Blush Trio. Pixi’s MatteLast Liquid Lip in the shade Evening Rose is what I chose for the lips.
I’ve loved the shimmery pink champagne shade in this palette (La Costa) ever since I first swatched it, but now I have a totally new appreciation for the green El Malecón shade too. They’re so bright and buttery soft, I can’t get over it! I love it in combination with the little warm hint of Coco-Taxi peeping through.

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