Violet Voss Essentials Palette Review

There’s not many things that make me more excited about makeup than trying a new eyeshadow palette. Even though I almost always stick to the same method of application, I love testing all the different formulas, color combinations, and palette styles. This Essentials eyeshadow palette is the first thing I’ve tried from the Violet Voss brand and since I’ve heard nothing but good things about their shadows, I couldn’t help but keep my expectations high.
As far as I know, this palette is currently only available on the Violet Voss website. It includes ten eyeshadows and retails for $29. It is set in cardboard packaging with a decent sized mirror and shade names on the inside. There isn’t an applicator included, which seems to be the new normal. It isn’t the most compact packaging because there are a few areas with wasted space, but it’s not obnoxiously bulky either.
The colors shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Cream, Sand (m), Terra Cotta (m), Gold, Emerald, Pink, Dusty Rose (m), Plum Berry, Cinnamon (m), and Black (m). There is an even amount of matte (m) and shimmer shades in this palette, varying in both cool and warm undertones.

The formula of these eyeshadows definitely lived up to their hype. Every single shade is extremely creamy and pigmented. They’re super easy to work with and practically blend themselves. Dusty Rose might be my favorite shade in the palette because of its unique color and matte finish.
When thinking of “essentials,” this isn’t exactly the color scheme I had in mind. Honestly, my Southern roots kinda took over because my first thought when I saw this color selection was that it would make a great Mardi Gras palette! That’s always my immediate reaction when seeing purple, green, and gold together.

With a primer, these shadows last for about 7-8 hours before any fading or creasing begins. However, the shimmers do start to disappear a lot faster on me compared to the mattes. About 5-6 hours after applying these eyeshadows for my recent tutorial, the shade Cream was settling into my crease while the mattes were still going strong. Overall, I have been pretty impressed with this palette and would recommend it considering the price isn’t astronomical.

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