Gold Glitter Tutorial

Gold is such a glamorous color and who doesn’t love glitter? In this tutorial, I’m combining both of those for a stunning eyeshadow look that’s perfect for Christmas -- which I can’t believe is in just 2 days!! It’d also be great for New Years, though this isn’t a look I’d need any excuse for. I’d wear any time of year because it’s so sparkly and fun!
To start, I primed my eyes with the Milani eyeshadow primer. This one is super affordable and really does extend the wear of shadow, even on my extremely oily eyes. It’s also completely matte and translucent, so it won’t alter any colors applied on top of it.
Once the primer is dry, I’m going into the Siennas eyeshadow palette from Profusion Cosmetics and using the shade called Adventurous. I took that on a dense blending brush and placed that into my crease and outer corner of the eye. These eyeshadows can be a little powdery, so while this is a lighter shade that can’t really be overused, tapping off the excess is essential.
Then I went into the last shade in the palette called Cozy and used a small, dense brush to pack that color onto the outer third of my eye. This is a very pigmented shade, so start with a small amount of product and add more as needed. Once I had the color built up enough, I went in with a seperate, empty, loose-bristled blending brush to blur the edges.
To keep the look appearing as blended and as soft as possible, I went back into the Adventurous shade with the first brush I used to apply it and added just a little bit more into the crease right at the edge of where the Cozy shade ends. This will also add more dimension and make the eyes appear bigger.
Once the dark lid shades were done, I took a combination of both Adventurous and Cozy on a pencil brush and lightly blended that underneath my lower lashes. This will help tie everything together and prevent the look from appearing too top heavy.
Moving back to the lid, I took the shimmery gold shade called Tickled and placed that on the inner ⅔ of my eye. For shades like these, I like to pack them on with my finger first and then use a small shader brush to blend it into the crease.
Now for the star of the show, the gold gitter! This is the Liquid Fairy Lights from Pixi Beauty. The shade is called Mirage and it’s from the Day Lit Kit, which was made in collaboration with Maryam Maquillage. I love the dimension that this glitter offers, but I love even more that it’s in liquid form so it won’t fall all over the face.

I just patted the applicator over my lid and used my finger in light tapping motions to blend it in. It’s important to make sure the lid doesn’t crease while the glitter is drying, which should only take a few seconds.
Once the glitter is dry, I went into the matte cream shade called Polite and placed that under my brow bone and on the very inner corner of my eye. This will help lift the brow area and brighten the whites of the eyes.
To finish up, I applied a black eyeliner halfway along both my upper and lower lash lines. Then I used a black eyeshadow and applied that on top of the pencil with an angled liner brush. Doing this two-step process will create a softer line that will last longer throughout the day.
Now all there’s left to do is curl the lashes and apply three coats of mascara. I used my favorite Benefit Roller Lash mascara because it provides enough length and volume without having to use falsies.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide for easy reference:
When it comes to the holidays, red lips are one of my favorite -- especially when paired with such a glamorous eye! The shade I’m wearing is called Real Red from the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip collection. And because I’m such a glossy lip lover, I added my favorite C.O. Bigelow Mentha Supreme 2X gloss on top for a gorgeous shine.
This is one of my favorite makeup looks to wear! You can never go wrong with a neutral glam eye and a classic red lip. The glitter really does take this look to the next level and I love that I can wear this without worrying about glitter falling on my cheeks throughout the day. The Liquid Fairy Lights are such a genius product!

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