Pixi x Maryam Maquillage Review

Pixi Beauty’s Pixi Pretties collection is one of my favorite makeup releases of the year. I’m always excited to see who they choose to collaborate with and what fun new products they create together. This year, they collaborated with five influencers, only one of which I had never heard of before. It was so nice to learn about another influencer, Maryam Maquillage, and try the new Lit Kits.
In this collection, they created two different Lit Kits. Both sets include a MatteLast Liquid Lip and a Liquid Fairy Lights glitter. They retail for $18 and can be found at Target or on the Pixi Beauty website. First is the Day Lit Kit which includes a new lip color called Coral Bang and a new glitter named Mirage.
The lip color is exactly what the name suggests, bright coral! It has a lot of red and orange with a slight pink undertone. The glitter is definitely my favorite product of this entire collection. It’s a beautiful gold with pinks and purples mixed into it. Normally this lip color would be a little too bold and bright for me, but these two pair perfectly together!
The second kit is for Night and is just as bold, but in a slightly different way. This set includes the liquid lip called Posh Nude, which was recently featured in my Pixi Pretties tutorial. The liquid glitter shade in this set is named Starry Night. While the Day Kit had a bold lip and more neutral glitter, the Night Kit has a neutral lip and bold glitter.
The Posh Nude lip color is a very natural nude shade that almost leans a little caramel-like with its brown undertones. The glitter is very appropriately named since it’s a black base with beautiful gold and silver shimmer. These two shades together automatically make me think of New Years!
The MatteLast Liquid Lip and the Liquid Fairy Lights were already two of my favorite products from the Pixi brand and I’m loving these new shades! Although they push me out of my comfort zone a little bit, they’re so much fun and each have their place in certain looks. The quality is just as good as with all Pixi products and if these new colors interest you, I’d definitely recommend picking them up since most Pixi Pretties collabs are limited edition!

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