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Matte lip products have never been my thing. I’ve been pretty vocal about that ever since they started becoming really popular. I like the lips to look like they have a healthy, plump shine, not like they’ve spent a year in the desert with no water. Most of the matte lip products I’ve tried have also been extremely uncomfortable. However, as you might remember from my review earlier this year, the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips have been one of my favorite matte formulas I’ve ever tried. The previous five shades have continued to be some of my most worn lip products this year, so I was super excited to see they recently added some new colors to the line!

I talked about the formula, the price, where you can find them, etc in my review. If you’re looking for information on the quality and other details, check out that post here to learn more about the actual product. This post is just meant to introduce you to the new colors in the collection.

**As you can see from the picture below, I did receive this as a PR gift from Pixi. Pixi Beauty has never required me to share or recommend any products I’ve received. All opinions and decisions to post are my own.
The shade names and color line up as shown in the swatch picture below are: Au Naturelle, Bare Beauty, Matte Beige, Pastel Petal, Really Rose, Evening Rose, Peony Pink, Prettiest Pink, Orange Red, Real Red, and Berry Boost. The shades listed in italics are ones that I had previously shared in my original review and won’t be getting much attention in this post.

Most of the nude shades do look very similar to each other in the swatch, although they all look noticeably different when applied on the lips. Really Rose and Evening Rose have been my two previous favorites, but Real Red and Berry Boost are looking very promising for the Winter months ahead.

Peony Pink and Prettiest Pink are two very bright shades, but Peony Pink seems a little bit more wearable for everyday. Prettiest Pink is almost like a borderline highlighter shade. Orange Red and Real Red are probably the two best named because that’s exactly what they are. Orange Red has a lot of orange undertones to it, whereas Real Red is true to its color without looking too pink or blue.
All of the shades in this collection are extremely opaque and provide full coverage with just one swipe of the wand. Berry Boost is the only one that seemed to have a more thin consistency compared to the others, but still applies effortlessly on the lips. I love that these are so comfortable, although I do always apply a light lip balm underneath just for some added moisture. A lot of times I’ll also add a clear gloss on top for some shine. Pixi’s Lip Icing in Cake (from the Chloe Morello collab) is my favorite!

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