Two-Step Eye Makeup

When it’s super hot and uncomfortable outside, I lose almost all motivation to spend time creating detailed makeup looks. It’s no fun when you spend thirty minutes blending to perfection just to watch it melt off in the sweltering heat. So instead, I’ve been doing what I call my “two-step eye makeup” using just one eyeshadow. It only takes a few seconds and almost zero effort, yet still looks perfectly polished and put together.
The first step in any makeup look is to prime the eyes, but it’s especially important when dealing with the extreme Summer heat. Using an eyeshadow primer will help to control oil production and give the shadow something to stick to, making it last longer throughout the day. My favorite one is from Milani!
Once the primer is applied and completely dry, it’s time for the actual eyeshadow. For this tutorial, I’m using the Ofra single shadow in the shade Bliss. It doesn’t matter what eyeshadow you choose, as long as it has a shimmer finish. The shimmer will add more dimension as light reflects off of the eye, making it appear as if there’s more than one shade.

The two-step method that I use for this application is to pat and blend. I use my finger to pat the eyeshadow onto the entire lid and then use a small shader brush to blend it into the crease. That’s all there is to it! By packing the eyeshadow on with the finger, it allows for a more intensely pigmented application. Blending it into the crease is just as important in order to keep a more polished finish without looking sloppy.
At this point, you can leave it as is or add any color eyeliner and then pile on the mascara. While we do want the lashes to stand out I’d recommend skipping falsies with this look, otherwise it’s kind of defeating the purpose of our quick, easy makeup goal.

I typically pair this eye look with an equally simple, but flawless face makeup and finish up with a lightweight lip product such as a tinted balm.
This is such a quick and easy makeup application that it’s something I actually look forward to doing, even when it is a million degrees outside. It’s so rewarding to put in such minimal effort and still end up with a look as polished as this. I’ve discovered a whole new appreciation for shimmer shadows!

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