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Moving is such a pain! There’s so much work to be done, it’s super stressful, and if you’re anything like me living in chaos is just unbearable. There are a ton of moving tips like making lists to stay organized or working room by room to keep the packing process more streamlined. But in our recent move, I’ve discovered some other amazing hacks to help you work smarter, not harder!
1.) Cleaning bin
I’m a total clean freak, so having a separate bin with all my cleaning supplies in one place was essential! Since we were moving states and I couldn’t clean the house beforehand, it was super helpful having everything already together and ready to go when we arrived. I definitely recommend a plastic bin for this for easy cleanup in case anything spills, and it can also double as a storage bin later on!
2.) Essentials box
Besides packing our suitcases with clothes and other toiletries as we normally would, I also packed a separate box with immediate household essentials such as towels, toilet paper, coffee (duh!), and anything else we might immediately need upon arrival.

3.) Clothes in bags
This has to be my favorite hack! Rather than packing clothes in boxes, keep them on the hangers and wrap them in trash bags. It does use quite a lot of bags, but it is such a time saver in both the packing and unpacking process.
4.) Knives in pot holders
Knives are sharp and dangerous to have just laying in a box, so sliding them into pot holders will not only save space but it will also save you from getting any sliced fingers. I was worried that this might tear up the inside of the pot holder, but it didn’t damage them at all!
5.) Use suitcases as boxes
This is a great general packing tip: use anything and everything for storage so there are no empty spaces. Suitcases can be packed with board games or books. Spices and other small kitchen items can be packed in saucepans or a crockpot.
6.) Label boxes in multiple places (sides and top)
Of course it’s important to stay organized and label boxes thoroughly so you know exactly what is in them, but putting labels in multiple places is also very helpful. The tops of boxes aren’t always visible, so having a label on the sides can make things easier to find and sort out later.

7.) Tape screws to furniture
A lot of times it makes more sense to take apart furniture to create more space rather than trying to pack around it. When doing so, tape the corresponding screws to each piece of furniture to keep them together. For big pieces of furniture with a lot of screws, put them in a small bag and tape the bag to the back or underneath the furniture so nothing gets ruined.
8.) Pack wall decor in laundry baskets
Wall decor can be difficult to pack, especially when dealing with bigger pieces that might not fit in most standard size boxes. Since most laundry baskets don’t fold down, put picture frames and other fragile wall decor in them. Not only will this use all space possible, the sturdy walls of the baskets will protect fragile pieces from getting dented or shattered.
9.) Use towels and linens as padding
When packing other small fragile pieces that can fit in boxes such as glass jars or chinaware, use towels and other linens as padding. This helps save on bubble wrap and packing paper, as well as cutting down on boxes by packing two things together.

10.) Use an empty toilet paper roll for necklaces
Trying to move (or even travel) without tangling jewelry is always a struggle. Feeding necklaces through straws is a good idea, but wasteful in the amount of straws it takes. Instead, use an empty toilet paper roll. You’ll still have to be careful when moving them around because it’s not completely foolproof, but it does make a significant difference in preventing a tangled mess.
Although moving is not a very fun process, these hacks definitely make the experience much easier! There’s already so much that needs to be done when moving that it’s essential to use your time and effort as wisely as possible. Always look for ways to minimize the workload and maximize your time! Consolidating and organizing are two important goals to keep in mind. It might be stressful in the moment, but don’t forget to also take lots and lots of pictures!

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XO ♥ Christina ♥


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