Unexpected Makeup Finds #8

It’s great that the makeup market is flooded with so many products because it’s helped raise the quality standards of what should be available. But sometimes it can be overwhelming and a little intimidating choosing what to buy because while there are many great new products, there are just as many bad ones. My Unexpected Makeup Finds series was created to help sort through the unimpressive products and highlight the hidden gems that might otherwise get overlooked. 
Although I’ve loved most Pixi products that I’ve tried in the past, I was a little uncertain about this Hydrating Milky Lotion at first. I was worried it would be too heavy and uncomfortably thick feeling on my already oily skin. Thankfully it was neither of those things! While it is very nourishing, it absorbs quickly into the skin and does a great job of moisturizing. It is marketed to double as a body lotion, but I’ve only ever used it on my face. A little bit goes a very long way and it has the slightest coconut scent that is so refreshing!
Crayon concealers are something I’ve never had much luck with in the past. All the ones I’ve tried were either too dry and didn’t blend well or they left an unflattering finish with almost no coverage. This Trèstique Conceal, Cover, & Correct Crayon is so magical, it literally left me speechless! The Bisque shade is perfect for my skintone and the formula is super creamy. It looks and feels like absolutely nothing on the skin, yet it covers everything - even dark circles! This is one of the rare times I’d ever say that a high-end product is worth the price.
On a much more affordable note, these Elf Bite-Size Eyeshadow Quads are incredible! I know I’ve been talking about them nonstop the past few months, but that’s when you know they’re good. I’ve never liked Elf eyeshadows in the past, so I wasn’t really expecting much from these at first. I can’t even believe the quality and formula of these shadows. It’s like a completely different brand! These are creamy, pigmented, beyond easy to work with, and only $3. It doesn’t get any better than that!
I’m super picky when it comes to lipstick. So much so that I usually just go without it. I hate the feeling of having product on my lips and most are too heavy for my preference. This Ultra Créme Lipstick from Appeal Cosmetics is one of the most comfortable lippies I’ve ever tried. It’s incredibly lightweight, yet it still provides enough nourishment along with a ton of pigment. The shade Muse is such a flattering shade of pink and absolutely perfect for this time of year!
When I made my first trip to a Five Below store last year, I (of course) found my way to the beauty section to see what they had to offer. I saw familiar brands like L.A. Colors, Elf, and Wet n Wild, but what caught my attention the most were these neon polishes from a brand called Fresh Paint. I had never heard of them before, but I love neon nails and couldn’t pass up this beautiful orange.

These are the best neon nail polishes I have ever tried! Most others that I’ve tried in the past are either streaky or patchy with a dull color. These are insanely opaque and as bright as a highlighter! This formula is so easy to work with. They last very well on the nails and if you work in thick layers, these could definitely be completed in just one coat! I love the orange Guava shade so much, I had to go back and pick up one in pink too!
All of these products are surprisingly perfect, but I think the concealer and the nail polish are what made me the most excited. Those are two types of products that I’ve never been impressed with in the past and it makes me so happy to have finally found something that actually works correctly. What a great feeling!

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