June Boxycharm Unboxing

This was one of those months where I really didn’t think my Boxycharm was ever going to show up. After waiting for what felt like forever, I reached out to their customer service but never received any response. I finally got my tracking email, which ended up having some issues of its own. It’s a miracle it actually arrived before the end of the month. My box has never been this late before. I really do love Boxycharm, but they have a lot of issues they need to work out right now. We’ll get more into that at the end of the post, but for now let’s quickly review last month’s products before getting into all of the new goodies included in the June box.

~Daily Concepts Shampoo Bar~ I thought I was going to be brave enough to try this because the concept of a shampoo bar did sound interesting, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m really picky with the products I put in my hair and after reading many other bad reviews of negative experiences with this particular product, I decided it wasn’t worth it.

~Ayam Beautycare Dead Sea Minerals + Vitamin C Makeup Removing Wipes~ I really don’t like makeup remover wipes because they never do a good enough job, but I have been pleasantly surprised at how well these work. However, they’re still not a one stop kind of product. It’s important to always use an actual cleanser afterwards.

~Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads~ These are nice when considering how thick the pads are and how sturdy the packaging feels. They have left my skin in good condition. However, I wouldn’t repurchase them because of the price. They’re good, but they’re not any better than more affordable options.

~Trèstique Concealer Crayon (Bisque)~ I can’t even believe how much I love this concealer! I wasn’t too excited about it at first because I haven’t had much luck with stick concealers in the past, but this is so creamy and easy to blend. The coverage is unbelievable, yet it looks so natural on the skin and feels super lightweight!

~StudioMakeup Ease to Wear Eyeshadow Palette~ If you caught my recent tutorial, full review, or monthly favorites posts you’d already know how much I absolutely love this palette. The quality is amazing and I love the neutral shade selection!

Last month’s box has to be one of the most useful boxes I’ve received in a long time. Aside from the shampoo bar, I used every single product consistently the rest of the month and even found some new favorites! Although the June box showed up extremely late, I was super happy to see they finally included a physical notecard again! The theme for this month’s box is “The Oasis”. The picture on the front of the card looks so cozy, though I’m not sure it really has anything to do with the included products.
The first product in this month’s box has me so confused! This is the QMS Medicosmetics Lip Line Corrector. It includes .5 fl oz of product and apparently retails for $200! Everything about this product leaves me with so many questions. I’ve never heard of a lip line corrector type of product before and even after doing some research on the brand’s website, I can’t find any explanation for such a high price tag.

This product claims to hydrate and plump the lips for a smoother, more youthful appearance. It’s supposed to be a lightweight serum specifically formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the upper lip area. This should be applied twice a day (morning & night) and includes a twist up pump built into the packaging. The actual bottle itself is so lightweight, it practically feels empty!
Next is the Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream. The shade I have is Fair. It comes with 1.4 fl oz and retails for $35. BB creams haven’t been as popular as they once were, so it’s kinda fun to play around with a product like this again. This particular BB cream claims to be oil free and moisturizing with a matte, yet glowy finish that will provide natural-looking coverage for all skin types.
Some of its key ingredients (aside from SPF 30) include Gogi and Hawthorn Berry to brighten the skin, Jasmine which will improve skin’s texture as well as retain moisture, and an exclusive Asian herb extract complex. Normally this shade would match me pretty well, but I’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately so, as you can see in the swatch picture below, it’s definitely way too light for me right now. I’m still excited to try it just to see if it will give me any coverage and I’m even more interested in its texture. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a heavy mask of makeup!
New eyeshadow palettes are always fun and in this month’s box, I received the Touch in Sol Fill Up Orange palette. This comes with nine eyeshadows of various sizes and retails for $32. It is a very skinny palette, which seems nice and compact, until you open it and see all the empty space inside. Besides the wasted space, I’m also disappointed in the shade names. The only way to know the names is by keeping track of a clear plastic sheet that’s placed on top of the shadows.
Based on the palette name and vibrancy of the outer packaging, I’m surprised to see such a wearable shade selection. Besides the orange glitter, most of the shadows are pretty neutral. It’s definitely a warm-toned palette and I’m very excited to see that is has every shadow needed to create an entire eye look all on its own.

The last two products are both for the lashes. This is the Lilly Lashes Triple X Mascara ($24). The name of this comes from its claims: Xtra volumizing, Xtra lengthening, and Xtra bold. The packaging isn’t as heavy as I would typically expect from a high-end mascara, the lid doesn’t click into place when shut and the wand doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. However, I’m really expecting a lot from this formula since it’s coming from a lash brand!

Lastly, we have a new pair of Lashaholic Lashes in the style They’re Real, I Swear ($15). The last pair of Lashaholic lashes that I tried were much too bold for my preference, but I remember them being pretty easy to apply. The packaging is adorable with the glitter that they use, but I really appreciate the magnetic closure the box has so that it can be reused to safely store the lashes.

This particular style claims to have a lightweight soft cotton band with a crisscross pattern and tapered ends for a natural glam look. I’m really hoping that these are comfortable and don’t appear too dramatic once they’re actually on the eyes.
The value for this month’s box is definitely higher than any box I’ve ever received before and that’s definitely due to the lip line corrector. The original retail value of these five products is $306! I still don’t understand the price of the QMS serum, but the box is still a great value.

I love Boxycharm, but I think they need to do some serious re-evaluating. It seems as though they’re getting in over their heads with all the new additions to their brand. With every new addition they make (BoxyLuxe, Boxy Premium, etc.), their service continues to get worse. I think they really just need to take a step back and hopefully they can correct all of their internal issues soon.

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