June Favorites

We’ve made it halfway through one of the craziest years ever and while the rest of the world may still be struggling to sort out all the confusion, my personal life has continued to grow into one of my best years yet. I’ve gotten back to a place where I’m absolutely loving every little bit of my life again and consistently finding new favorites all month long makes it even better! This month is slightly more random with some food and fashion faves, but I also have a new makeup product that is so magical I don’t know how I ever lived without it.
Let’s start with the food. I found these little Susan Fudge Cookies at Tom Thumb and I seriously cannot stop eating them! It’s a shortbread type of cookie with the yummiest fudge icing on top. Their packaging situation isn’t the best, but it’s so worth it. They kinda remind me of the turtle cookies I’d get when visiting family in Louisiana, but without the pecans which I actually prefer.
When I was younger, I used to change out my purse all the time. But a few years ago, I found my favorite purse ever. It was from Target and over the past three years, I rarely ever switched to carrying anything else. I loved everything about it! A few weeks ago, I noticed it was practically falling apart so the hunt began for a replacement.

My first stop was Target since I was trying to get as close to the same thing as possible, but everything they had in stock was too structured and not soft enough. I looked at so many places and just as I was about to give up, I found this one at Saks OFF 5th. This is the Dalton Leather Tote by American Leather Co. It met all of my requirements and I ended up getting it for a great deal during one of their sales. I’ve been carrying it all month and love it so much!
Florida is hot, but Texas is hotter. We’ve been having days that have hit 109° with the heat index and the last thing on my mind is trying to wear the cutest, most trendiest outfit ever. When dealing with heat like that, what’s important is wearing something lightweight and breathable.

I actually forgot I had this romper in my closet and it’s the perfect solution for these insanely hot days! I got this at Forever21 a few years ago and it has to be one of the softest pieces of clothing I own. It’s super lightweight and breathes better than any t-shirt/short combination possible.
I very rarely ever buy clothes at Walmart, but I couldn’t wait to check my local store’s inventory after I saw a post on Instagram sharing a new display of these No Boundaries shorts for only $4. I’m usually a roll-up Soffes kind of girl, but I love this style and $4 is a price that just can’t be beat. They had a few colors to choose from and I picked this green pair because I don’t have anything else like it in my wardrobe. After washing them at home, they became super soft and I wear them all the time!
Self tanning has been the name of the game for a while, but now I’m back to wanting to spend some time outside. Even if I only go out for 30-40 minutes a day, it’s so refreshing to lay in the sun and relax the mind. A few weeks ago, Target was having BOGO Free on their bathing suits and I picked up this cute little floral bikini.

I love the top because it’s in the shape of a bra and won’t leave any noticeably weird tan lines when I wear clothes. The bottom is a little too cheeky for my preference, so I’m constantly adjusting to make sure things stay classy. I’d definitely recommend sizing up with both the top and bottom because Target swimsuits do usually run on the small side.
The Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer has been a favorite of mine for a while now, but it wasn’t until I paired it with another product this month that I really appreciated what it can do. It’s a very smoothing primer that instantly blurs the pores. It even feels a little nourishing on the skin, which is great after spending some time in the sun. What I’ve been loving about it the most is how well makeup applies over top of it!
The product that’s given me a new appreciation for that primer is the Trèstique Conceal, Cover, & Correct Crayon. The shade Bisque is a perfect match for me, but it’s the coverage and consistency that makes this concealer better than any others I’ve tried before. It covers absolutely everything, yet feels completely weightless on the skin. When applied over top of the No Poreblem Primer, it blends like a total dream! I usually pat this concealer in with my finger because it provides warmth that helps melt it into place and leaves an invisible, yet full coverage finish that actually looks like skin.
Since I’ve been spending so much time outside and my complexion has warmed up a bit, the lighter blushes that I normally wear are looking a little too bright on me right now. This Makeup Geek blush in the shade Covet is much darker, which looks more natural on tanned skin. Makeup Geek blushes are my favorite because they don’t include talc, so I can safely wear them without worrying of any breakouts.
My last favorite from this month is the Ofra single eyeshadow in the shade Bliss. I just featured it in my latest Two-Step Eye Makeup tutorial and it seriously is what I’ve been wearing almost every day. The formula is insanely pigmented, smooth, and easy to work with. The color is stunning and it has just the right amount of shimmer to make the eyes sparkle without looking too dramatic.
All of these products are so exciting! I’ve been enjoying them throughout the entire month and still think they’re just as amazing as when I first discovered them. I’m so happy to have found a new favorite purse, the shorts are super comfortable, and I’m convinced that the concealer is pure magic. I hope July brings just as many wonderful finds!

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XO ♥ Christina ♥


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