Unexpected Makeup Finds #9

This new year got off to a really good start because I found tons of amazing new beauty products and that’s always exciting! Most of them were unexpected because it was either something I wouldn’t normally have purchased or a product that I just didn’t have high hopes for. Either way, these have definitely become staples in my beauty routine.

With as oily as my hair is, applying a serum is something I never would’ve expected to love. This Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum is like magic! It makes my hair silky, shiny, and soft without weighing it down at all! A little bit goes a long way and one pump is more than enough for my long hair. So even though it is on the pricey side, it should last a very long time.

Natural deodorants are something I had almost given up on because with all the different formulas that I tried, none of them worked. Just as I was about to revert back to aluminum deodorants, I found this travel size Kopari Coconut Deodorant at TJ Maxx and decided to give it a try.

I didn’t really expect much from it, but after the first few uses I was amazed at how well this works. It takes about a minute to dry after application and then it’s set for the rest of the day. It hasn’t caused any irritation and while the Beach scent is a little strong, it doesn’t linger throughout the day.

The Flower Beauty Blush Bombs are something I had heard great things about, but it wasn’t until recently that I had any interest in a cream blush. I had also avoided it in the past because I didn’t appreciate that it was only available online on Ulta’s website. I eventually caved and ordered the Melon shade.

The color looks intimidating at first, but it’s actually very wearable once blended. The formula is insanely pigmented, so a little drop of product goes a very long way. It’s incredibly lightweight and doesn’t budge at all throughout the day, making it the perfect choice for my oily skin.

One product I never thought I would purchase was the It Girl Beauty Book from It Cosmetics. I’m not usually drawn to limited edition products and I definitely thought the price was pretty steep. But when I caught it on sale after the holidays, curiosity got the best of me and I placed an order on the brand website.

I cannot believe how in love I am with this product! I use it almost every day I do my makeup. The quality is amazing, the ingredients are healthy for the skin, the formula is easy to work with, and I love that it has everything needed for an entire face of makeup (minus mascara) all packed in one precious compact palette. 

The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is now a classic staple mascara in the beauty world. I recently got a travel size tube of it for my Ulta birthday gift and apparently I had forgotten how amazing this formula actually is. This has been bringing all the drama to my lashes lately and I am loving it! It doesn’t weigh them down or flake off throughout the day, and it instantly lifts the eyes when applied with or without eyeshadow.

These are such good products and I seriously cannot get enough of them! I’ve been a hair twirler my whole life and I’ve never felt my hair as soft and silky as it is when I apply that serum. I’m loving the comfort of knowing I no longer have to apply aluminum to my underarms and I’m still in shock with how much I’m enjoying that It Cosmetics palette.

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XO ♥ Christina ♥

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