March Boxycharm Unboxing

It’s Boxycharm time again! I think we’ve established by now how much I absolutely adore this monthly beauty subscription service. At only $21 per box, it’s the best value out there as far as the quality and how much product you get. If you’d like to find out more or sign up, you can visit their website here. And if you’d like to see what I’ve received in past boxes, you can click this link. I’ll start out by reviewing the products from last month’s box, as I always do, before moving on into what I received this month.

~Shray Ms. Amazing Facial Mask~ I know I did this last month too and I apologize, but this isn’t a product that I got around to using so I don’t have any opinion on it. When I do, I’ll update you in a future post. So be on the lookout for that.

~Ofra Banana Powder~ The texture of this powder is wonderful. It did camouflage the purple in my under eye circles, but isn’t a one stop product for me. At least not with my skin tone right now. I always have to go in with a powder that’s more on the white side to really brighten the eyes after neutralizing the issue. I did notice that it was just a little powdery, but nothing I couldn’t work with.

~Realtree for Her travel sprayer~ I actually ended up using this a lot in the last month. I was really pleasantly surprised with the scent of this product and found myself reaching for it very often. I like how sweet it is, but without being overpowering.

~Beauty for Real Blush and Glow Stick~ Of course I haven’t seen any anti-aging benefits from this product that it claimed to have. Although I feel like that’s almost a given with a product like this, right?! I don’t usually like cream blushes or highlighters and this was no exception to that. I didn’t use it very often and wasn’t impressed when I did. I would’ve preferred the highlighter end to be brighter and the blush side to have less shimmer and glow to it.

~Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum~ This was a very interesting product. Because of its ridiculously high price tag for such a small amount of product, I was expecting some serious results and to feel like I was using something very luxurious. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The texture of this product is very tacky and sticky, almost making me feel like I was creating wrinkles by pulling at my skin rather than reducing them. I definitely don’t recommend it!

~Spongellé You Have my Heart on a String~ Again, this is something I didn’t get around to using for whatever reason. But it is still sitting in my drawer and when I do use it, I’ll keep you updated.

Last month’s products didn’t impress me too much. I did have really high expectations for the eye serum and was disappointed to be let down by that. I enjoyed the Ofra powder the most out of all the products in the box. Since I’ve had some issues recently with shipping times on my Boxycharm, I’m happy that this month’s came right in the middle of the month when I am usually expecting it. I am sad, though, that they didn’t include a detailed description of the items in the box. I really refer to that card multiple times. I hope that’s not a permanent change!
I’m excited about getting all of these eye creams in the boxes. I have been on the hunt for a good, effective eye cream for the longest time and have yet to find one that I absolutely love. I feel like the best skincare usually comes at a higher price, especially treatments so it’s a really good deal when they include it in our boxes. This time I received Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream. After doing some research, I found that this is a full size product at .5 oz and retails for $87!! That’s four times the amount that you pay for this box and I still have five other products to go through! What?? Thank you, Boxycharm. This is why I will be forever subscribed!! It claims to target puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Some of the ingredients are vitamins A, E, K, and isoflavin. It was very smooth when I tested it on my hand and I can’t wait to try it!
We received another perfume this month, which made me nervous (of course) even after loving last month’s choice. I’m just so picky! This is Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris. I’m using Boxycharm’s website and other online research to find the prices and sizes. I couldn’t find much, but I’m assuming this is considered a travel sprayer. It comes with .3 oz and sells for $20. The significant notes in it are grapefruit, pear, orange blossom, and gardenia with hidden notes of  violet, and ocean breeze created with a base layer of patchouli. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite either.
Next is Luxie’s 512 Small Contouring brush ($16). Luxie has been featured in previous Boxycharms and I also received one when I was still subscribed to ipsy. They have really nice brushes and the colors on them are beautiful. I’m not sure exactly what this particular brush is going to be the best for and I can’t wait to find out. These brushes are very soft and I’ve never had a problem with them shedding.
I was excited to see them include another product from the brand Chella. We received an eyebrow defining gel from Chella in a previous box and I did really like it. This is their Eyebrow Color in Tantalizing Taupe ($18 for .003 oz). I compared it to my NYX Micro Brow Pencil and it’s the same amount of product as well as the same size applicator. I didn’t notice any red in this color, which is one of the biggest issues in brown brow pencils. The swatch below shows just one swipe of the pencil (left side of the heart) as well as what it looks like built up a little bit (right side). The only thing I wish this product had was a spoolie on one end of it because that really does make a huge difference in the amount of effort and time it takes.
They included Makeup Geek!! I am so excited about this! Makeup Geek has definitely made themselves one of my all time favorite brands and I am so happy to see them being included in a subscription box. We received two of their eyeshadows, Cosmopolitan (shimmery peachy pink) and Cocoa Bear (matte brown). Cocoa Bear is one of their most popular shadows and I’m so excited to finally have it. I always passed it up when I was shopping on their website because it looked like something I might have in my collection already and Cosmopolitan was already on my list, so I’m very happy with the two they chose to include. These are great quality eyeshadows and very affordable at only $6 each.
Boxycharm really stepped it up this month. I am so excited about almost every product in the box (except for the perfume), but especially excited about the Makeup Geek items and getting to try another eye cream. The overall value of this box is $153!! That’s $132 more than you pay! I don’t understand how they do it, but whatever it is I love it. With five full size products and one travel size, I am definitely impressed! Let me know what your thoughts were of this month’s box and if you got anything different. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

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