Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky Palette Review

Boxycharm loves putting these Coastal Scents Revealed palettes in their boxes. They have now included all of the Revealed palettes in different months, this Smoky palette came in the January box. While it’s great to see such big palettes in a subscription box, the quality of these haven’t impressed me too much. If you want to read my thoughts on the Revealed 3 palette, you can find it here. However, I still appreciate it because these palettes are pretty much designed after Urban Decay’s Naked palettes and I like having these to review for those who may be looking for alternatives. Since I don’t own any of the Naked palettes, I can’t provide any comparisons. I’ll just give you every detail I can think of as far as this Smoky palette is concerned, as usual.
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This palette comes with 20 different eyeshadows and retails on the Coastal Scents website for $19.95. It’s always listed as “on sale,” but I’ve never seen the price go any higher than that even when it was first released. However, if you do purchase it from their website be aware that their shipping is usually on the higher side (around $8+) and it took quite some time to arrive when I had placed other orders. The packaging is a type of cardboard material with a slight magnetic pull to keep it shut. There are no names on any of the shadows, it doesn’t come with any type of applicator, and there is no mirror on the inside.
There’s a mixture of different finishes throughout all the shadows and I think they included a good amount of neutrals as well as a few jewel tones. While the pigmentation and texture might not be of extremely high quality, I do think you can achieve a variety of different looks with this palette. There’s a decent amount of product in each shadow pan which is good considering how many shadows you get and the size of the palette.
The first row, as you’ll see in the swatch picture below, has more warmer tones. They kept the purples and blues on one side of the palette rather than on a specific row, and I actually like the layout. The first two shades are the only matte ones in this row. The third, fourth, and sixth shades are shimmery. The fifth, eighth, and ninth shades are glittery. Shades seven and ten have a satin finish. Although the first two shades have the least pigmentation out of all of these, they are actually some of my favorite especially for blending or as a base shade. The fifth shadow is my least favorite out of this entire palette because it has the most powdery texture and just flakes away.
In the second row is where they included the more cooler tones. The first three shades as well as the fifth and seventh shades are shimmery. The fourth, sixth, ninth, and tenth shades are all matte. Shade eight is more of a satin finish. The first shimmery pink shade is one of my favorites and does a great job at catching the light to brighten the eyes. The sixth shade is also another favorite of mine just because of how unique it is. I really appreciate that they put so many darker colors in here that can double as eyeliner.
Overall, I don’t think this palette is that bad. It’s much better quality than I was expecting it to be, especially when compared to the other Revealed palettes as well as individual Coastal Scents Hot Pots. The color selection is nice, although I would’ve rathered one or two more brighter shades for some contrast. Since they have a nice texture, they’re not that difficult to work with and blend out. They last about six to seven hours with a primer before any creasing occurs, although I did notice quite a bit of fading much earlier than that. The palette does have a very slim design and I don’t mind that it doesn’t come with an applicator or a mirror. However, I would like to see them starting naming the shades. I also like that this has a brighter outer packaging compared to the other Revealed palettes that were brown. I think it brings a more professional, sleek look. Let me know what your thoughts are if you’re tried this palette before and I hope you have an awesome day! :)


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