Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review

I’ve mentioned a few times before how much I love the Wet n Wild eyeshadows. Their trios are what had originally caught my attention and made me obsessed the moment I tried them. If you want to see the review I posted about five of their trio palettes, you can find it here. The more I started to pay attention to this brand and what people were saying about it, I quickly realized that the Comfort Zone palette was much loved by everyone. I passed it up for a while because I didn’t see much use for the greens. But now that I have it, it’s a staple in my collection.
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I used to look right over the Wet n Wild section at the drugstores because I remember being not very impressed by their products at a young age. However, in the more recent years, they have really changed the quality of their products and now it’s the first section I look at. What makes me really happy is that they haven’t increased their prices at the same time they increased their quality. A lot of brands have been doing that, especially recently, and it’s disappointing to see drugstore products getting closer to higher-end price tags.

This palette is only $4.60 at Walmart and it comes with eight eyeshadows. The shadows are the same size as the ones included in the trio palettes, which retail at $2.82 (also at Walmart). The shadows on the left are on the more neutral side and provide a more rose-toned look. Whereas the shades on the right are more colorful and give a very green, earthy look. As with most Wet n Wild palettes, all of these shadows are shimmery, incredibly smooth, and insanely pigmented.
For the look I created below, I used each shadow as it suggests in the palette. I used the light cream on my brow bone and inner corner. The second rose shade went on the inner half of the lid. I blended the brown into the crease and on the outer half of my eyelid. I used the dark purple over my eyeliner and got it as close to the lash line as I could.
The second look I used the shadows in a different way than it suggests because I didn’t want something very intense. I used the first pale green/silver shade on the inner half of my eye. The “definer” shade went on the outer half of the lid and slightly into the crease. I blended the green “eyelid” shade in my crease above the definer shade. And I used the darkest green “crease” shade as my eyeliner.
Obviously you can use the shadows in this palette any way and in any order that you want to. I tend to always go for more natural looks and don’t like putting dark shades all over my eyelid. But if that is something you like to do, I think some very dramatic looks can definitely be created with this palette. Just as I thought before I purchased this, I don’t get very much use out of the green shades. They’re not as bright as I thought they were going to be which makes them more wearable. The last “definer” shade on the green side is one that makes this palette so popular. When swatched, it gives a duochrome finish of greens, purples, browns, and silvers. But when applied to the eye, brown was the most noticeable color.

As with all Wet n Wild shadows, I am completely impressed with every aspect of this palette. All of my swatches are always done without a primer so you can see the true pigmentation and I think the color of these shadows speak for themselves. The texture of all of these are so smooth. I’ve said it before, but if you haven’t touched Wet n Wild eyeshadows lately you’re really missing out. Their easily blendable and last about seven hours with a primer. For the price, I definitely recommend giving this palette a try.

What are your thoughts on Wet n Wild eyeshadows?


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