Spring DIY Home Decor

I did a post a while ago featuring two wooden trays that I change out seasonally and use as centerpieces on tables and other places around the house. Unfortunately, I forgot to post what the winter version looked liked, but you can find the Fall ones here. With these trays, I go on a mission to try to find the most affordable items that I can to fill it with and just have fun! Even though the spring decor mostly looks like it’s focused around Easter, I’ll keep them out into the Summer months before changing it again. Let’s get started!

All of the items in the picture above came from the dollar section at Target, except for the wooden birdhouses which I found at Michaels (also for $1). Aside from Target being my favorite store anyway, that dollar section always has the cutest things! I thought the colored shredded paper would look better than regular Easter grass, so I opted for that instead. I was planning on making my own decorative Easter eggs, but when I saw these glitter ones I instantly changed my mind. The package of the bigger eggs came with five and the smaller one came with six. I thought the birdhouses would be a cute addition for my Spring theme and might even include them in the Summer decor too.
The colors in the picture above are what I used to paint the birdhouses. From left to right: Martha Stewart (MS) Pea Shoot, Apple Barrel (AB) Peach, MS Wedding Cake, AB Dolphin Grey, My Studio Golden Brown, Spanish Olive, AB Acapulco, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Once the birdhouses were painted and dry, I divided the shredded paper in half for the two trays then mixed them all together. I used the same sand cups for candles that were in there previously, put a birdhouse in each tray, and randomly placed the eggs on top. When looking at the amount of items that I had to decorate with, I thought I might need more but I’m happy with the way they look.
These little activities are so much fun to do and are great conversation starters. I wanted something bright and happy for the Spring decoration and love how festive these turned out. Do you have any seasonal DIY home decor? I’d love to hear your favorite things to make in the comments and hope this gave you some inspiration for an entertaining project to do yourself! Have a beautiful day!


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