March Favorites

March has felt like it has completely flown by! I have been so busy this month doing many different things that I barely even realized we’re already moving our way into April. I have been so excited for winter to finally be over that as soon as March hit, I started drowning myself in all things bright, colorful, and happy to welcome in the Spring season. I’ve picked out my top favorite items that I’ve used the most throughout the month and I’m excited, so let’s get to it!
My first favorite is this white orchid that my sweet boyfriend surprised me with earlier this month. I have wanted an orchid for a while now because I love how simple and beautiful they are, so I was definitely overwhelmed with joy when I got home to see it waiting for me. I’m really bad when it comes to keeping plants alive and have definitely been proud of myself for making sure this one stays healthy.
Although the beautiful Spring weather has definitely been coming our way lately, we’ve also had a few chilly days (and nights) still. My boyfriend’s mom gave this blanket to me as part of my birthday present in January and it is the warmest blanket I’ve ever had! The underneath side of it (that you can’t see in the picture) warms me up so quickly, it’s wonderful. I’m someone who’s always cold no matter what, especially my toes, so this blanket has been getting much love!
I haven’t mentioned this on my blog before, but my grandpa passed away in November (one month after I started the blog and two months after I moved back closer to home). He was 90 years old and used to keep handkerchiefs in his pockets for as long as I can remember. I never really understood it completely and just used to use tissues myself. But when we were going through his things, I brought some of his hankies to take home with me. I grabbed them for comfort and kept them in my purse so I’d always have a piece of him with me. However, when I was out doing errands one day and had ran out of tissues, I reached for the hankie. Let me tell you, Grandpa knew what he was doing! They are so much better than tissues because they don’t create all of the fuzzies and they’re washable so I can reuse them. With all this pollen in the air, hankies are definitely coming in handy. Thanks, Grandpa! <3
I received this Realtree for her travel sprayer in my February Boxycharm and have been loving it! The smell is so sweet without being overwhelming and I love that it’s a spray bottle rather than a roll-on. When I’m not sure which scent I want to wear, this has been one that’s easy to reach for and always does the trick. I can be pretty picky with perfumes, but I don’t pick up any alcohol in this which is what makes it so wearable.
I love the L’oreal Infallible eyeshadows and even did a separate review on them. I’ve had my eye on the shade Always Pearly Pink for a while and finally decided to pick it up. It’s so beautiful and a great shade to easily tap all over the lid with my finger for a quick, effortless look. It’s a beautiful bright Spring color without being too pink.

I just realized that I mentioned these two eyeshadows in last month's favorites as well, but I really do love them! Makeup Geek’s Starry Eyed and High Tea are the two newest ones to my collection and I’ve been constantly reaching for them. I really love the way High Tea looks with my eye color and the shimmer of Starry Eyed is so stunning. In the swatch picture below, Always Pearly Pink is on the left, Starry Eyed is in the middle, and High Tea is on the right.
Also in last month’s favorites as well as January's favorites, the Ulta Rose Gold palette is making yet another appearance. I just love this palette so much, I can’t get enough of it. When I don’t know what I want to do when I’m choosing eyeshadow, this has been what I’m reaching for. The quality is amazing and I love every look I’ve created with it. Keep an eye out for a complete review on this within the next two weeks! ;)
Makeup Geek took what seemed like forever and a year to release their contour powders, but when they finally did I was all over it! I desperately needed a bronzer that didn’t have talc in it (read why here) and Makeup Geek made that dream come true. I picked up two bronzers in the shades Love Triangle (left) and Bad Habit (right). They’re $10 a piece and totally worth every penny. Love Triangle is the one that works for my natural skin tone right now, but when I want a more distinct contour or am working with a certain foundation, Bad Habit is the next shade up to get the job done.
I’ve had Makeup Geek’s blush in Hanky Panky (left) for a while, but never reached for it very often because it’s such an intense pink that it didn’t flatter my skin tone. However, when I ordered Bliss (right) I found that it was a little too orange for my pale winter skin and didn’t know what to do with that one either. So I decided to pair them together and I am absolutely obsessed with the result (the far right swatch). I apply Hanky Panky first, then lightly tap Bliss right on top and it creates the most beautiful true pinky-peach shade ever.
I had a certain planner I used to buy at Walmart for the past two years and loved the layout of it, but when I went to repurchase it this year they had changed it and the months went from June-June rather than January-December. I wasn’t about to buy a planner that had already passed up half of the months, so I had to look for a new favorite. I landed my eyes on this one from Plan Ahead and it basically has the same layout, but the words are slightly larger. It also has some extra sections in the back and includes all of 2016 as well as the last three months of 2015. Not like those last three months mattered, but I was happy to find one that was cute, affordable, went throughout December, and had a great layout. I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year and enjoy it so much.
Although not everything that I mentioned was beauty related, that’s how I like to keep these posts. We talk about makeup all month long and I like taking the time to share with you other things I’ve been loving too. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you’ve tried any of these products, let me know your thoughts in the comments! Hope you have a fantastic day! :)


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