L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Review

Ever since L’oreal’s Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation hit the shelves, it has been a much loved product by everyone. I can’t even recall one complaint I’ve heard about it. But since I’m not the biggest foundation fanatic, I held off on getting it for a while and finally decided to pick it up when one of the drugstores was having a sale. I’ve mentioned a few times before that L’oreal is one of my favorite makeup brands ever and let me tell you that this foundation definitely did not disappoint! Let’s get into all the little details...
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The first thing I noticed about this foundation that I knew I loved before I had even purchased it was the packaging. I love how slim and sleek it is. It’s perfect for travel and just doesn’t take up much space in general, which is also a plus when managing organization of a large makeup collection. I know some people prefer foundations to have a pump, but I actually like the squeeze tubes better. It claims to last 24 hours, have a demi-matte finish, provide medium coverage, and be air-light on the skin.

There is absolutely no way I am wearing this on my skin for 24 hours to test that dramatic claim, but I did wear it as long as I could (about 8-9 hours) multiple times. I did wear it over a primer and never noticed any separation, oxidizing, or it sinking into the pores. Other than just natural fading that occurred throughout the day, it still looked just as good when I went to wash it off as it did when I first applied it. That’s really saying something when considering the redness that usually shows through around my nose and with my super oily skin.
One thing that I thought was a little confusing was how it’s marketed as a “Pro-Matte” formula and finish, but when you actually read the smaller print on the packaging it says it’s a demi-matte finish. That worried me a little bit about how glowy it would look on the skin, but turned out to actually be one of my favorite things about this foundation. It looks like real skin when it’s blended in and doesn’t look heavy or cakey at all. It just makes the skin look healthy.

I think it’s pretty accurate when it says it provides medium coverage. It concealed the discoloration around my face very well, but I still had to go in with my Maybelline Fit Me concealer to cover up any other noticeably red areas (around my nose/mouth) and blemishes. I also love how amazing it feels on the skin. It does take a little bit for it to actually set, but once it does I can barely feel that it’s there. That’s usually my main reason for not wearing foundation all the time and something that will immediately stop me from using a product is how heavy it feels.
I picked mine up in the shade 102-Shell Beige and it is a pretty good match for me right now, even though it might not look like it when swatched on my hand. When blended out on the face, it might even be just the slightest bit too dark but is easy to correct with other powders, highlighters, bronzers, etc. And will even be able to carry me into the warmer months as I begin to spend more time outside. I really like that it doesn’t oxidize on me at all so I don’t have to worry about correcting anything throughout the day.

It does a pretty good job at controlling my oil as well and when the oils do start to make their way through, I’m happy that the foundation doesn’t start breaking down with it. I would definitely recommend picking this product up if you’ve been thinking about it. There hasn’t been a time that I’ve worn it and haven’t completely loved it. If you have tried this foundation, I’d love to hear how it worked for you. Let me know in the comments! :)

~Mani Monday~
Because St. Patty’s day is this week, what other color would I paint my nails besides a festive green?? I chose Sinful Colors Envy and the Sally Hansen Gem Crush glitter in Big Money. Big Money does have some purple glitter mixed in with it also. I love the way it looks, but it is one of those glitters that you can feel the texture of even after you put a top coat over it. The quality and wear time of both of these polishes are great. I did two coats of each polish and while Envy does need both coats, you could probably get away with just one coat of Big Money if needed.
What’s on your nails this week?


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