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We’re almost at the end of the month, which means it’s time for my monthly question and answer fun tag post! Finding a tag that I haven’t done already was getting a little difficult, until I stumbled upon the Food Tag. I’ve never heard of it before, but the questions sounded interesting and I do like to mix in at least one recipe a month. I figured it’s still relevant and definitely presents the opportunity for y’all to get to know me better aside from various beauty questions. You might want to grab a snack in case this makes you a little hungry and let’s get right to it!
1.) What’s your favorite breakfast?
If I’m eating at home, then I usually like to keep it simple usually involving scrambled eggs and a bread (toast w/ jelly, bagel w/ cream cheese). If I’m eating out, then I usually like to order something I don’t normally make myself at home like eggs benedict.

2.) How do you drink your coffee?
With sugar and powdered creamer. Sugar because I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth, powdered creamer because lactose intolerance runs in my family, and sometimes I’ll like to mix in cinnamon or a syrup depending on how I’m feeling.

3.) What’s on your favorite sandwich?
Ham and provolone or chicken salad (with grapes). That’s usually always what I always order when I’m at a restaurant and easy enough for me to make at home too. We’ve discussed before that I’m not a very good cook..

4.) Soup or salad?
Salad. I can’t believe I’m saying that because I never used to like salad, but I’m starting to experiment more with it now. My favorite lately has been adding rotisserie chicken to the pre-made American style bagged salads with fresh chopped bell peppers, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, and topping it with Asian ginger dressing.

5.) What’s your favorite cookbook?
Does Pinterest count? That’s mainly where I get all of the recipes I want to try and inspiration to think of new dishes on my own.

6.) No more sweets or no more hearty foods?
No more hearty foods. I always get cravings for both, but since my sweet tooth is so intense I don’t think I’d be able to handle not having chocolate!

7.) What’s your favorite cuisine?
Comfort foods, for sure. Although Mexican is a close second!

8.) What’s your favorite food movie?
Food movie? I didn’t even know that was a thing.

9.) What’s your most guilty pleasure?
Eating late at night. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a night owl and with that comes eating whatever I feel like at nighttime. I’m already being a rebel and staying up late, so why not finish it off with some food, right?!

10.) What’s your greatest inspiration source?
Like I mentioned before, Pinterest is usually where I get most of my ideas for new recipes and fun meals to try.

11.) Cooking at home or going out for dinner?
It depends on the day and how I’m feeling. I really like the things we cook at home, but sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and going out is more convenient. Balance.

12.) High-end or low-profile?
Low-profile. I don’t like it when things get too fancy. I like it nice and simple. In fact, my close friends and family know that one of my most common sayings when choosing a new restaurant to visit is, “I don’t know, is it grown up food?”

13.) What’s your favorite restaurant?
I think I’d have to say Friday’s just because they have so much variety on their menu that I like and because they’re really common, so it’s always a good option when I’m in a different city and don’t know where to eat.

14.) Where do you shop for groceries?
A few different places. We go to Walmart for packaged items, Publix for dairy products, soda, and meats. We also have a local meat market that we go to when we need a few more items for the week...and for bacon.

15.) What’s the tastiest food you’ve ever eaten?
While I have eaten enchilada bowls for days on end, Mellow Mushroom’s Hawaiian pizza has also never let me down.

16.) What’s your favorite cocktail?
I really like sweet drinks like mudslides and piña coladas, but I think my favorite is a Scooby Snack. It’s basically a melon coconut drink shaken with some whipped cream. I also like that it’s usually a smaller drink because I have never been someone to drink anything fast!

17.) Coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?
Well since I don’t know who Heston Blumenthal is, I guess I have to go with George Clooney even though I wouldn’t be very happy with that choice either. Can I choose Kevin Hart? He’s hilarious!

18.) What should not be missing in your kitchen?
My coffee maker! When we were moving houses last fall, we didn’t even pack it up because it was the last thing to go in the car and the first thing to be set up as soon as we arrived. I have to have it!

19.) What’s your favorite snack?
I think I’m gonna have to say cereal. I eat a lot of little sweet things or some Goldfish whenever I feel like it throughout the day. But for something a little bigger to actually be included as a snack, I can always go for a bowl of cereal.

20.) What’s on your pizza?
Most of the time it’s ham and pineapple, but if I don’t want it sweet then I go with black olives and bell pepper.

21.) What food do you really dislike?
Not to sound like a baby, but I do not like my vegetables! I also don’t do spicy foods or any kind of seafood other than crab.

22.) What’s your favorite food blog?
I can’t say that I really have one in particular, just whatever Pinterest leads me to for a recipe that I’m interested in.

23.) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I’m not sure about one specific food that I’ve ever eaten, but I do have some weird combinations. The other day I ate a pickle, then turned right around and ate a chocolate donut not even a full minute later. My boyfriend looked at me like I was some sort of freak. They just both looked good to me and I couldn’t make up my mind!

24.) What’s on your food bucket list?
I don’t have a food bucket list, so let’s just say everything I have pinned on Pinterest.

25.) What food can’t you live without?
Chicken tenders. I know it’s so simple, but when I can’t think of anything else to eat or find anything to order at a restaurant, there’s always chicken tenders!

And there you have it! Now you know all about my favorite foods and eating habits ;) Some of these questions were actually a little difficult to answer because just like choosing what or where to eat, it was almost impossible to choose my number one favorites! If you’ve done this tag before, please please leave me a link below in the comments so I can see your answers. And if you have any questions for me that you would like to be featured in next month’s tag post, leave those for me in a comment too!

~Mani Monday~
I was picking up some goodies at CVS this weekend that Amanda from Amanda Bella had recommended in her recent summer favorites post and really wanted to try a polish from the Pop-Arazzi brand that she mentioned. I had never heard of them before, but they had some beautiful colors on the display. I just picked up one to try it out and the shade I got is Carmella Latte. It looked more pink in the bottle than it actual came out on my nails, but I do think it’s a beautiful darker neutral. The formula seemed really nice while I was applying it, so we’ll see how it wears throughout the week.
What’s on your nails this week?


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