Empties ~ May 2016

This empties post is way overdue! I had so many other blog posts that I had scheduled and wanted to get up first that my empties just kept accumulating more and more. I finally started running out of room to put everything and got tired of hoarding trash. It’s time to go through it all and review for you things I liked and have already repurchased (or will repurchase) as well as things I didn’t like. I kept a lot of my repetitive items out, as I mentioned I would last time, but if you’ve missed any others that I’ve posted you can find them all here. As usual, I’m keeping them in categories to make it easier so let’s get to it!
April Favorites.jpg
Starting with hair, I ran out of two bottles of Pantene’s Curl Perfection shampoo and have already repurchased it in a bigger bottle. I always go on in my empties posts about how Pantene has my favorite hair care products, especially when it comes to shampoo. The repair and protect version used to be my favorite, but they recently reformulated it and the last bottle I had was really disappointing. This curl perfection one has me even more satisfied, though, and I definitely recommend it!

This little bottle of the ‘N Rage Twisted Teal hair color has lasted me since February and probably through about seven applications. I wrote all about my experience in a separate post explaining the whole process and why I did it. I’ve loved every moment of having this colored strip of hair and will definitely be purchasing a new color once this last bit all fades away, so leave me your color suggestions in the comments!
Moving on to body products, I ran out of this travel size lotion of Bath & Body Work’s Dark Kiss and I’m actually really sad about it. I was trying to save this as much as I could since this can be a more difficult scent to find, but I do have a few new summer scents that should keep me happy for now.

I also finished this huge 32 oz. bottle of c. Booth’s 4-in-1 Passion Fruit body lotion. It lasted me a good five months and I use it every single night on my entire body, so I feel like it’s definitely worth the money. I couldn’t find this at my local Ulta to repurchase it and ended up ordering it on Target’s website. The week I had to go without it while waiting for shipping was torture, I didn’t realize how much I am actually obsessed with it until it was gone. Now I have it in the Vanilla Butter scent and it’s just as amazing.

I mentioned the White Mountain Epsom Salt in my recent favorites post and how much it has saved my sore muscles recently. For only 88 cents at Walmart, I stocked up and add this to a bath anytime I feel achy. It’s not all fancy and scented, but with as affordable as it is I’m not complaining. I’ll just add in whatever other bath goodies I have on hand for scent and bubbles.
For face products, I finally ran out of this huge 2 lb. tub of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask that I absolutely love and have already repurchased another one (same size, of course). I cannot be without this stuff! Read why I love it here.

I also ran out of another holy grail product of mine, the Clinique Acne Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment (aka moisturizer). It contains benzoyl peroxide as it’s acne fighter and I wrote all about how this has helped my skin in my Acne Survival Kit post. It’s amazing for oily, acne prone skin because it’s the most lightweight moisturizer I have ever found that actually works!

It lasted me a while, but I have finally used up all of the Pūr~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum. It was nice and felt super luxurious, but I didn’t notice any firming effects around my undereye area and definitely don’t recommend purchasing it for the price that it costs ($65). I appreciate Boxycharm including items like this in our boxes and is one of the main reasons they’re my favorite beauty subscription service.
I thought I would include a few household items too and starting with laundry, I’ve been loving all of these. Gain is usually the laundry detergent I always purchase not only because I can tend to be allergic to some of the other options, but also because I love every scent they have. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all and they always keep my clothes smelling fresh the longest.

I usually purchase the Snuggle fabric softeners in Blue Iris and Bamboo Silk, but the last two times I went they were all sold out. I decided to pick up the Gain ones instead and have actually been liking those better in combination with the Gain detergent. Not that the Snuggle ones were bad by any means, but I can really notice a difference in the longevity of the delicious Gain scent much longer when the two are used together.
This is just a random group of household cleaning items that I have ran out of, but I won’t be going in too much detail for each one since there are quite a few and because I also have a post planned to go up in a couple weeks on how I keep my house clean, plus my favorite cleaning items. So stay tuned for that! But in this picture, I have my favorite Febreze Fabric Refresher in Spring & Renewal. I have already repurchased this and just use it for quick tidy-ups.

I also have the Target brand magic eraser pads that I clean walls, baseboards, and outside doors with. They work just as good as the name brand and are much cheaper. The Sprayway aerosol Glass Cleaner is my favorite. It works better than any other glass cleaner I’ve ever used and can be found almost anywhere you can find Windex.

I’m not really picky when it comes to toilet cleaners (as long as it doesn’t contain bleach) and the one I just ran out of is the Lysol with Hydrogen Peroxide. It did the job and I don’t have any complaints. What I do like, though, is the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Stamps in the Glade Rainshower scent. These really help keep the toilets clean in between scrubbings and actually do smell nice.
For a few random items that didn’t fit into any other category, I ran out of my favorite Maybelline FitMe Concealer in Light. I already had a backup before this one was even completely empty because I can’t be without it. I finished a bottle of the Walmart brand Strengthening and Nourishing nail polish remover. I think this one works fine, so it’s the one I always repurchase. And yes, I have gummy vitamins. I’m not someone who likes to swallow a bunch of pills anyway, but that’s not my excuse for this one. I bought two different bottles of the pills on two different occasions and they smelled like rotten eggs, so I returned them both and settled for the gummies. They work just as good and that’s all that matters.
We made it to the end! I know this was way too much stuff, I don’t plan on it accumulating that much again. I might not keep as many random things next time either unless y’all think it’s interesting, so let me know in the comments what you thought! If you’ve tried any of these items or have any questions, I’d love to hear them. Hope you have a beautiful day!


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