Common Mascara Mistake

Besides just playing with makeup because it’s fun, it’s almost just as great to find a new tip or trick to help you along the way. Whether it be with a specific product, application, maintenance, etc. there’s never enough that you can know. I’ve posted my favorite, and probably most used, mascara hack already. And while I do still think that one is the best, I want to share with you another solution to one of the most common mascara mistakes I see women make and explain to you how that could be ruining your mascara. Not only will this tip help extend the life of your mascara, but it will also save you some money in the long run.
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What I’m talking about here is pumping your mascara wand in the tube. It seems to make sense initially because you think you’re getting more mascara on the wand to make it better for application. What you’re actually doing is drying out the mascara. Every time you pump the mascara wand in the tube, you’re adding more and more pockets of air into the tube which dries out the formula faster. In order to fix this, while still getting plenty of product on the wand just move the wand around the sides of the tube gently to make sure you’re not adding any extra air. You’ll still get the same effect and your mascara will last much longer.
If you do notice mascara drying out faster than you want it to or if you’re trying to get that last little bit out before you have to toss it, add in just a few drops of whatever eye drops you have on hand to re-wet the formula. This won’t affect the actual mascara formula as far as the effect it has on the lashes, it will just make it more smooth to work with while it’s on it’s last leg.
I know I was a victim of this mascara crime for years without even realizing what I was doing. But now that I swirl the wand around the tube instead of pumping it, I notice my mascaras lasting much longer. I hope you found this tip helpful and if you have any questions or suggestions for future makeup solution posts, please leave them for me in the comments. I love sharing beauty secrets! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, enjoy this Friday Funny and eat lots of “salad” ;)

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