NYX Blush Review

Regardless of the natural red-toned glow to my skin, blush has become one of my favorite makeup items lately. I used to avoid it as much as I could because I didn’t want it to enhance the uneven rosey colors around the center of my face. Now, however, I’m piling it on as much as I can because I’ve realized that blush is the first thing to fade away once my oils start coming out. Because of this recent blush obsession, I’ve tried many and collected quite a few. One of my favorite brands for blush (before being introduced to Makeup Geek) was NYX. I wanted to review for you all the colors I have, as well as share my overall opinion on each in hopes of providing you with more useful knowledge as you enjoy your makeup shopping.
NYX offers many different varieties of blush options, but the two lines I have products from are their HD powder blushes and their regular powder blushes. The HD blushes come with .16 oz of product, whereas the regular powder blushes have .14 oz. The packaging on the HD blushes is much more slim, which makes it much easier to travel with as well as store in your collection at home. Neither of them come with a mirror or any type of applicator, which is pretty typical of a blush. They’re both very affordable at $5-$6.50 each and can be found at Ulta, some Targets, and online.

The four blushes I have from their regular powder line are (from left to right in the swatch picture below) Bourgeois Pig, Rose Garden, Pinched, and Desert Rose. I didn’t realize until I was swatching them that I only had different shades of their pink blushes with no true rose or peach blush in my collection. They’re all matte, for the most part, even though a few of them have a bit of sheen to them. Pinched is one of the really popular ones and is said to be a dupe for a popular Nars blush, but since I don’t own any Nars blushes I don’t have an opinion on that. I just know it’s a beautiful color and popular for a good reason. Desert Rose is also a favorite of mine just because it’s so intensely pigmented that it takes zero effort to build up the color. All of them are pretty soft and easy to work with, but can be a little gritty to the touch depending on how much glitter is in it.
I only have two of their HD blushes, but they actually pair beautifully together as a blush and bronzer duo. The soft dusty peach is Amber and the cool-toned brown is Taupe. They are noticeably lighter in pigmentation when compared to the others, but also don’t include talc in the ingredients list. I included these in my Talc No More post, but after I started using them every day for a long period of time, the alternative ingredient to talc also made me break out so I cut back on how much I used them after that. Since they’re labeled as high definition, they are much softer in texture but can also make more dust when dipping your brush into it. It’s not something that’s too difficult to manage, but it is something to note.
Overall, I do really like all of these products and definitely recommend them, especially if you don’t have sensitive skin like me and don’t have a problem with certain ingredients. Taupe and Amber can also be doubled to use as a beautiful crease shade on the eyelid, depending on what kind of look you’re going for. If you’re purchasing them at Ulta, I’d also suggest waiting for a buy one get one half off sale (or something similar) and you can also combine that with one of their $3.50 off $10 coupons, which of course is going to give you the excuse to be able to buy more. And who doesn’t want that?? I hope you found this helpful and if you’ve tried NYX blushes before, leave me your thoughts in the comments below on how they worked for you!

~Mani Monday~
I’ve been wearing a lot of bright colors lately, but this time I wanted something a little different and more fun without having to do any fancy design. I randomly picked up the Sinful Colors polish in Mauvelous and the Ulta polish in Out on a Lime and thought how perfect they looked together. I added some silver sparkle with the Sinful Colors glitter in Queen of Beauty. I am loving these nails right now! It did take a little bit to build up that much glitter, but otherwise I think the quality of all of these polishes are really great.

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