NYX Eyeshadows Review

NYX Cosmetics products have shown up quite a few times throughout my blog posts. They’re a brand that sometimes I can be incredibly impressed with their products and other times somewhat disappointed. Their blushes and lip products are usually what has the highest quality and their eyeshadows are usually what vary the most within their line. I’ve collected a few of their single eyeshadows, as well as one of their trios, throughout my collection and I felt like a separate post including swatches was in order. Ulta does have testers in the store, but you never really know how much you like it until you get the product home and start playing with it. I’ve had all of these for a few years now, so I definitely know which ones are my favorite and have an understanding for different lines of products that they offer.
The first three eyeshadows I’m going to be talking about are just their regular single eyeshadows that are in the square packaging. They kind of look like smaller versions of the same packaging of their blushes that I just reviewed. I have three shades of these in True Taupe, Charcoal Brown, and Black which all have a matte finish.

True Taupe is one of my absolute favorites for putting in the crease for the most natural definition. Charcoal Brown swatches lighter than it looks in the pan and is one of the most beautiful cool-toned browns I have ever seen. The shade Black is a true black and is great for really darkening up a look or for layering on top of eyeliner. Although they don’t have the same buttery texture that some other shadows have, they are all still very smooth and easy to work with.
The next two are from their Nude Matte Shadow line as well one of their prismatic shadows. The two matte shades in the picture below are Underneath It All and Kiss the Day. Underneath It All is a nice medium brown with the slightest bit of red-orange undertones to it. It is a very beautiful shade, but I typically reach for the cool-toned browns more often. I bought Kiss the Day in hopes of it being a matte cream highlight for my brow bone, but was really disappointed in it’s pigmentation. I had to build it up quite a bit for it to be visible in the picture. I actually ended up using this shade as my base shade over primer and it works amazing for that, so much so that I am almost ready to toss it because there’s barely anything left.

The shiny metallic shade you see is the prismatic shadow in Girl Talk. It’s a frosty champagne pink and has a much more buttery texture than the others, even though they’re all very smooth. It’s not as bright as other shades that I have when I really want to reflect all the lid on my eyelids, but it is still beautiful and very easy to work with.
I could stare at this Love in Rio trio all day! The shadows in this palette are so beautiful and some of my absolute favorites. This particular one is in Barefoot in the Sand. They’re basically all matte, except for the middle shade which has just the slightest amount of glitter in it. The texture of these is very smooth, but there’s just one problem. The pigmentation is awful! The cream shadow and middle light beige basically disappear when you apply them to the eye. The last shade does show up, but I really have to work at it for a while to get the color intensity that I want (which we all know isn’t always very much). I do still reach for it and use it a good amount because I love the colors, I just really wish they would increase the pigmentation dramatically.
While NYX does still remain one of my favorite brands because of how much variety they offer, I wish they would improve the quality and pigmentation of all of their eyeshadows to match their blushes and lip products. I like these shadows that I have, but I’m not always reaching for them as much as I do other shadows such as Makeup Geek where I know the quality is always going to be superb. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments section below. And don’t forget to tell me your favorite NYX products too!

~Mani Monday~
This week I sort of surprised myself when choosing which nail color to pick. I thought I’d have a lot of inspiration from being so creative last week, but I just couldn’t make up my mind. When I was looking through my color wheels, Ulta’s Bam-Blue-Zled caught my attention. I don’t even know how long I’ve had this color and I’ve only worn it once! It’s not one I’m drawn to very often because I wasn’t a fan of it with my skin tone the first time I wore it, but apparently like I’m really liking it right now.
What’s on your nails this week?


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