June Boxycharm Unboxing

Boxycharm is here! And that means I am one very happy girl! Even though it’s a subscription box that I pay for every month, it’s always the most fun surprise. Like I get a little birthday present every month. I love not knowing what I’m getting in the box and I love that it’s always an amazing deal that’s valued much higher than what I actually pay. It really doesn’t get any better. As per usual, before we get into this month’s goodies I’ll quickly be reviewing the products I received last month and how well they worked out for me. If you read my monthly favorites last month, you might have an idea of how great a lot of these really were.

~Brow Gal Brow Brush~ I was a little skeptical of this brush because the spoolie is so small, but I actually ended up liking it a lot. I even like the spoolie more than the brush side. I like the bristles in my eyebrow brush to be a little more densely packed, but this was still pretty easy to work with. It picked up product very well.

~Brow Gal Convertible Brow Palette~ I love this eyebrow palette. I mean, I don’t think I’ve had a product that has ever made my brows look so good before. Sometimes it’s hard for powder to stay in more thinly shaped brows, but this didn’t budge and didn’t take much effort to build up when using the powders wet. The color was great and I love having the darker shades to use on the outer corner.

~Crown Brush Round Contour Brush~ The only complaint I have about this brush is that the handle seemed a little flimsy, which is something I’ve never experienced with a Crown brush before. Other than that, it worked very well and didn’t give me any problems. The bristles are extremely soft and it helped blend in my foundation, concealer, powder, contour, and blush very easily.

~IBY Beauty Contour & Highlight Palette~ These powders are very soft and most of them have very good pigmentation. I did have a little fallout, especially when getting the powder on the brush and some of them were a little patchy to work with. The highlights are what gave me the most trouble, but still wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. It doesn’t have talc, which is really good for me and I was pretty happy overall with the shade selection.

~Temptu x Boxycharm Liquid Glow~ This was so beautiful in the swatch, but didn’t show up as much on my cheeks. I think this would be better mixed in with a foundation or if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a little extra shimmer. I’m not one of those people, so it didn’t work out that well for me unfortunately.

I’d say last month was an overall really good box. I enjoyed mostly everything that I got and still use them all the time. The eyebrow palette was definitely my favorite, I can’t recommend that one enough! The theme for this month is Downtown Charm. I’m not sure how that plays into the products, but that’s really beside the point as long as the items are good.
Along with Crown brush, Luxie is probably the second most frequently featured brush brand in Boxycharm. I’m not complaining, though. Their quality is amazing and I adore the pink and rose gold packaging. I’ve never had a brush of theirs shed on me and the bristles are always soft. This particular brush is #640 Pro Precision Tapered brush ($24). It did get a little deformed in the box, but that’s nothing a little wash can’t fix. I don’t have a brush this shape, so I’m excited to play around with it more and find out the best uses.
Apparently Artist Couture is making a name for themselves in the beauty community, but I’ve never heard of them before. This product is their Diamond Glow Loose Powder ($27 for 4.5g) in the shade Illuminati. Not the biggest fan of the name, but the color is stunning. This will be beautiful on both the body and the eyes, and I’ll try to make it work on the cheeks without making too much of a mess.
Loose powder.JPGPowder swatch.JPG
The biggest item in the box includes three sheet masks from the brand BioBelle, another one I’ve never heard of. We already know I’m not the biggest fan of sheet masks, but out of the three there is one that catches my attention. The #beautysecret mask claims to smooth and firm the skin by moisturizing with hyaluronic and ellagic acid. The #iwokeuplikethis mask focuses on enhancing skin’s natural glow with wild rose and Vitamin C. The one I’m most interested in, the #primer mask, says it will prep the skin for makeup by enhancing radiance, minimizing pores, and evening skin tone with tea tree oil, rosehip extract, and Vitamin C. This set is valued at $15, which I think is pretty reasonable considering you get three.
We’ve just recently been introduced to the RealHer brand and so far, I think I’ve been impressed with everything aside from their Liquid Lipstick. This month we got an eyeshadow palette. There were three palettes from this line and I got palette 1. It comes with nine shades and retails for $28. There is a mirror included, but no applicator. I like that the outside packaging is sleek with minimal graphics, but my first thought was the waste in how thick it is compared to the eyeshadow pan size.
RealHer.JPGOpen palette.JPG
Looking at the palette on the inside, it reminded me of a smaller version of the Lorac Pro palette. I like that all the shades have names and that they included a pretty nice color selection. However, I am pretty disappointed in the variety of finishes. Most of them seem to be shimmery, with only two out of the nine having a more satin matte finish. That’s usually pretty hard to work with because I’ll have to bring in other products. They all swatch nicely, aside from the top row. The light shades have very little pigmentation.
Palette swatch.JPG
The last product in this month’s box is another Ofra Cosmetics Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick. We’ve gotten a few different shades of these in the past and I’ve been pretty vocal about not loving the texture or the smell of them. I’m trying to look past it for the shades, though, because many of them are gorgeous. This one is called Santa Ana ($20) and it’s a beautiful deep pink, perfect for Summer! This color actually looks exactly like what my bedroom walls were painted when I was younger. Throwback! There was also a little card included in the box with a coupon code. You can use BOXY30 on Ofra’s website to get 30% off. Unfortunately it didn’t say how long the code is good for or whether it is off your order or a single item.
Ofra.JPGOfra swatch.JPG
This month’s box had some very interesting products, many of which I wouldn’t have chosen myself. These boxes don’t always get me the most excited, but I still enjoy them because they give me the chance to try new things. The value for this month is $114, which is an amazing deal for the $21 you pay. If you’d like to find out more or create an account yourself, you can visit their website. I definitely recommend it!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments below. Did you get this month’s Boxycharm? What items are you most excited about?

~Mani Monday~
I love white nails, especially in the Summer paired with a good tan. Perfection! But instead of doing a classic white, this week I went with one that has the slightest hint of pink in it. The polish I’m wearing is by Sinful Colors and is called Easy Going. I love the Sinful Colors formula, but this one has always been pretty streaky to apply. To get it as opaque as you see in the picture below, I had to paint on three layers.
Easy Going.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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