June Favorites

We are halfway through the year, y’all. Halfway! Like, how?! This has been one of the most rainy Summers we’ve had in awhile, I feel like I’ve barely even been able to actually enjoy my summer. But since things are so out of the ordinary right now, that’s kinda how my favorites post is this month too. This will definitely be my most random favorites that I have ever posted. Almost everything is somewhat random and you probably won’t even believe me when I tell you that I only included one makeup item!
If you were to see me on a typical day, I’d probably either be wearing flip flops or Converse on my feet. But just recently I’ve been wanting a different type of tennis shoe. I wanted one that moved with my foot more and gave me more support. These Skechers tennis shoes have been perfect for that. And the fact that I don’t have to waste type tying up laces makes them that much better. It took me a little while to get used to seeing something like this on my foot, but honestly comfort came over everything.
I was never much into these types of sandals until I came across a picture of these on Instagram earlier this month. I keep seeing shoes like these become more popular, but none of them caught my eye like these did. They’re rose gold!! Totally had my name written all over them. You can find them at Target and I’m telling you, they are one of the most comfortable sandals ever. I’ve tried on similar ones in search of these and none of them came close to the comfort these provide. They were sold out in every store I looked, so grab them while you can!
Speaking of comfort, t-shirt dresses are where it’s at this Summer! I’ve always been a total sundress girl. I love being able to just throw on one piece of clothing and have my entire outfit ready to go. It feels like you’re wearing pajamas, but you look super cute. I found these two at Rue21. Unfortunately as soon as I started shopping there I found out that the store closest to me is closing. I did end up getting them for a really good deal because of it, though. The fabric on these are what makes them so comfortable. It is the softest material I’ve ever touched in a dress!
Floral dress.JPGStriped dress.JPG
Aside from those sandals I mentioned (and basically everything else in the store), Target saved me on bathing suits this year. I hate that Victoria’s Secret stopped selling their swimwear line and I’ve been trying to find a replacement for such a long time. No stores had any good bathing suits this year! I don’t want a halter because I don’t want those tan lines and I want the cups to be shaped like a bra, also for the tan lines. This one does cross in the back, which I wasn’t completely happy about, but at least the straps in the front land where a bra usually would so you can’t see weird lines when you’re wearing normal clothes.
Another thing I always have the hardest time with is bathing suit bottoms. I mentioned this struggle in last year’s June favorites too. I’m a little bigger in the bottom area and I’m not the kind of girl that’s gonna show off all the booty, so I need things to be covered up. I found these at Target and although they’re not a complete color match to the top, I can pair it with other pieces I have too. They’re great because they cover what needs to be covered while still giving me some strings to control how tight they are. That way I can enjoy myself without having to worry about anything falling out of place.
I’m not always the best with the whole hand-eye coordination thing, so I was surprised with how excited I got when my fiancé found this ping pong set on sale at a local sporting goods store. It was only $15 for three balls, two paddles, and the net. We just set it up on our dining room table and let me tell you, we have been going to town on this thing. I’ve actually gotten really good at it!
Ping pong.JPG
If you saw last Friday’s blog post, this product might look familiar to you. I recently learned about tinting your eyebrows at home and have become obsessed. I’ve had such good results and have been so much happier with the way my brows are looking. I have pretty thin eyebrows and when they’re tinted, I love being able to just leave them as they are if I’m in a hurry. It also makes you feel a lot better when you walk past a mirror with no makeup on and see that you actually do have brows there.
I briefly reviewed this Bioré Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar in my recent Ulta Haul Update. It really does make my face feel squeaky clean and the peppermint oil in it leaves me feeling very refreshed. I usually use this in the morning and it’s an excellent wake-up cleanser. I’d definitely recommend it if you’ve been curious about it. It has little beads for a slight exfoliation and even my fiancé has been enjoying it too.
I’ve made it pretty obvious that I’m obsessed with St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse. I’ve included it in many favorites posts and even have a separate review with specific details about application, etc. I typically tan during the day and the only thing (aside from the scent) that I didn’t like was waiting the eight hours for it to develop. So to say I was excited about seeing their new Fast Tanning Mousse on the shelves at Ulta would be an understatement. During application, I was extremely happy to find out that they changed the scent. It is nowhere near what is used to be! I left it on for three hours to get the darkest color, of course, and I am so impressed. I do have a post planned to review this separately, so for right now I’ll just leave you with that. ;)
St. Moriz.JPG
Now onto the only makeup item that I’m including in this favorites post, the L’oreal La Palette Nude 2 eyeshadow palette. I do have a separate review of this and I’ve always loved it, but it was just recently when I featured it in my Easy Purple Eyes tutorial that I started playing with it again. The formula, texture, pigmentation, quality, and color selection in this palette is amazing. It’s very rare that L’oreal ever disappoints me in their products, they’re definitely one of the drugstore brands that I trust the most. Many items have been released since this palette first hit the market and I think it has kind of been forgotten about, but it’s still an amazing product!
L'oreal.JPGLa Palette Nude 2.JPG
The reason I don’t have many makeup items to mention in this post isn’t because I haven’t been wearing makeup, it’s because this is the first month that I’ve really been all over the place with the products that I’ve used. I have been paying more attention to all of the products in my collection rather than just what’s the easiest to grab and because of that, I haven’t used many things more than a few times. I don’t mind it, though, because I actually really enjoyed sharing all of these random items with you this time. I’m always talking about makeup, so it was fun to include more fashion and lifestyle items for a change.

If you have any other questions about any of the items I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments below. Also, let me know what you’ve been loving the most this month! Any new discoveries I need to check out??

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