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It’s been two months since I posted my big Ulta Haul, so I’ve had a while to test all of these products. It was so much fun having so many new products to play with, but it did make me realize how much clutter I have building up in those makeup drawers of mine. I really need to go through and clean some things out. Or at least I need to figure out a new way to keep it all organized. That sounds like such a big chore, but being the clean freak that I am I think it sounds like a lot of fun and I’m actually looking forward to it. Most of these reviews are somewhat small since we have so much to go through, but I do have full reviews posted of a few of them already and will link them accordingly.
~Garnier BB Cream~ I love this stuff!! I don’t know what took me so long to try it, but I am so glad I finally did. It is the most full coverage, long-wearing, lightweight BB cream that I have ever used. I could go on for days about it, but I already did that in my full review that was posted about four months ago.

~Bioré Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar~ My favorite part of this was the peppermint oil that it had in it. It made me feel so much more refreshed every time I washed my face. The scent was a little strong at first, but it didn’t take long to get used to. I was really impressed that it literally made my face feel squeaky clean. Once you rinse it off, there’s no leftover residue and your fingers actually squeak against your skin. It was really enjoyable!
~Ulta Lip Butter (Enticing)~ This has made it into many Favorites posts recently, which already goes to show how much I’ve been enjoying it. I absolutely love the color, berries are definitely my favorite lip shade. The formula is super comfortable and I like that it gives just a little bit of shine.

~Ulta Nail Polish (Hot Spot)~ I’ve had really good luck with Ulta nail polishes and this one is no different. It’s opaque enough after two coats and lasts about five days on me. I also really like that the color is different and not something that I see very often from many other brands.

~Ulta Metal Lash Comb~ This actually didn’t work for me as good as I would have liked it to. I didn’t really get it for the brush part, so I haven’t used that. What I wanted was to use the metal comb to go through my lashes and separate any clumps after mascara application. I waited to use this until my lashes were dry because I didn’t want it to take any mascara off, but I still felt like it was flaking off when I was combing through my lashes and I was scared some would get in my eye. I thought about using it when the mascara was wet, but I don’t want to always have to clean it after each use.
Ulta products.JPG
~Ulta Gift Bag~ Most of the products in this bag were really nice. I liked Benefit’s primer, which I have used before. It blurs my pores nicely and has a nice scent. The pencil sharpener was just like any other sharpener and since I don’t use eye makeup remover wipes, I have just been using those to remove swatches. They work pretty nice for that. The eyeshadow primer is more oily than what I was expecting, so I’m glad I didn’t end up purchasing the full size like I originally wanted to. The blush brush was too small for my cheeks, but it’s still good quality and could be used on other areas of the face.
~Ulta Dual Ended Pencil Eyeliner~ The Smoke shade was much more creamy and pigmented, so I ended up getting more use out of that one. The purple Majesty shade was pretty, but it required more work to build it up and I didn’t want to mess with it very much. I’d still just rather use a retractable eyeliner because sharpening is always a hassle for me.
Liner swatch.JPG
~Ulta Eyeshadow Palette~ Ulta eyeshadows have almost always impressed me and they have some of my all-time favorite single eyeshadows. This palette was no different. I loved the neutral colors in it and although the middle shade in the bottom row (Delicate) wasn’t the best quality, everything else was pretty nice. I posted a tutorial using this palette along with a few other items from this haul and really liked the final look.
Ulta swatch.JPG
~Ulta Amped Lashes Mascara (Jet Black)~ As I mentioned in that tutorial, I wasn’t very impressed with this mascara. I thought I was going to like it because I typically like rubber bristles better than traditional bristles, but the formula on this wasn’t the best. I didn’t see much difference in how volumized my lashes looked and it was already a more dry formula to start out with, so I think it would dry out more quickly.
Mascara wand.JPG
~Ulta Brow Tint (Medium)~ This product came in the gift bag, but I already had it in my collection. I really like the wand and the formula of it a lot, I just can’t get much use out of it because the color is too dark. If the color was right, it’d be nice to use as the only product to fill in my brows. But since the color is off, I just use it as a setting gel instead.
Brow wand.JPG
~Ulta Cheek Palette~ Both of these are extremely smooth to the touch and very easy to blend on the cheeks. I love the color combination, not only as a blush and highlight but also as an eyeshadow duo. This cheek color is perfect for Summer!
Cheek swatch.JPG
~Ulta Matte Lipstick (Petal)~ I didn’t have high expectations for this because I typically don’t like matte lips, but it was a lot more comfortable to wear. I put down a light lip balm first and that prevented it from sinking into any lines. The color is stunning and I still like pairing it with the Enticing Lip Butter on the center of the lips for more dimension.

~Ulta Lip Stain (Treason)~ This is the only product that I didn’t get around to trying. Honestly, I forgot it was even in my drawer. I still like the color in the swatch and it is one that I would wear on my lips. I’ll make a point to try it soon and it’ll probably end up in either a favorites or a fails post. Hoping for the favorites, though!
Lip swatch.JPG
~Maybelline Color Tattoo (Beige Luster)~ If you’ve been on my blog at all lately, it’d be pretty hard to miss my extreme love for this product. I loved it so much, I even went out and bought another shade. I’ve been using the two of them constantly. I was much more impressed than I thought I was going to be. In case you have missed any of the talk, I’ve featured these in many favorites, tutorials, and even have a separate review just for them.

~Essence Make Me Brow (Soft Browny Brows)~ I thought this had a nice formula, but I got the wrong shade again. This time instead of being too dark, I got one that is too light. I can’t use it on it’s own because the color barely shows up, so instead I use it as a setting gel to give a slight highlighted effect to the brows.

~Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser For Dark Circles Concealer (Fair)~ This was just a repurchase because I knew I was running out of the one I already had, so of course I knew I already loved this product. It is the best concealer for dark undereye circles. This is another one that has its own review with all the details about why it’s so wonderful.
Third trip.JPG
Overall, I think I did a pretty good job with all of the items that I got. There were a few things that I wasn’t too extremely happy with, but I really enjoyed everything for the most part. I found some products that have changed my life, like the BB cream and the Eye Chromes. Those alone just make me so excited!

If there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed further, please leave me a comment in the section below. Have you tried any of these items before? How did they work for you?

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