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So apparently eyebrow tinting has been a thing for quite a while now and I guess I’ve been living under a rock because I haven’t heard about it until a month ago. I know microblading is really popular right now for the eyebrows, but there is no way I would ever voluntarily go close to a needle. This seemed like the perfect option! I actually found out about this right before we got our engagement pictures done. I got super excited about it and wanted to do it right away, but based on my recent hair dying experience that left me completely traumatized I figured I should wait until I don’t have anything important going on just in case. Thankfully, I had really good luck when I finally did try it and I think it would just be a sin if I kept this secret to myself.
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Before you do anything, you need to prep the eyebrows. You want to first use tweezers to get out anything you can and then go back through with a small facial razor to remove any thin, peach fuzz type hairs that might be left. These little razors can be found next to the tweezers in almost any drugstore and usually come in packs of three. You could also wax that area if you would like, but we’ve already established that I’m a total wimp so waxing is not on my agenda.
We already steal our man’s jackets, shirts, and food, so why not take their mustache and beard dye too?! I bought this box for around $7 at Walmart and the shade I got is M-30 Light-Medium Brown. They actually had a decent color range, I was pretty impressed. And with as little product that we’ll be using, this will probably last an entire year. It comes with both the dye and the developer, as well as a brush and a tray. There were a few other things in the box too, but I just set those to the side.
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I don’t really use the brush that comes with it because it’s too big for my face, but it could be used depending on your brow shape. The tray that it comes with works perfectly fine, so you want to mix equal parts of both the dye and the developer. I used the end of a makeup brush to swirl it together, but you could also use a toothpick or cotton swab. It looks a lot lighter in this form than it does when it develops, so don’t be alarmed by that. Make sure you’re in a well ventilated area when mixing and applying this because it does have the typical strong hair dye scent to it.
One more step of prep before application. You want to go around the eyebrow with cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly to make sure the skin is protected in case you accidentally get dye anywhere outside of the natural brow shape. It doesn’t dye the skin too much, but it’s better to be safe than to have a random brown spot underneath or above the brow.
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Then you’re ready to apply the dye to the eyebrows. If you have thicker brows, you can use a cotton swab to apply it. But mine are more thinly shaped, so I use this old angled eyeliner brush that I found in my collection. If you do use a brush, make sure it’s one you don’t care too much about because the bristles will change color. I wash my brush immediately after each use and it didn’t make any difference. Be very careful while applying the dye because it will be noticeable for at least a week. Once you have the dye coating each hair where you want it, just wait five minutes before removing. Keep in mind the time it takes between doing each brow so one isn’t darker than the other.
In the pictures below, you can see what my brows looked like completely natural without anything ever being done to them aside from plucking. The second picture is what it looks like immediately after application. The color looks very different at this stage, but it develops very quickly and you’ll be able to see it. The third picture is what it looked like after waiting for five minutes and the last picture is after removing the dye. To remove it, take a wet washcloth with the tiniest amount of shampoo and just wipe the dye away. You can also rinse it in the sink as an extra safety measure, if you want.
The below before and after results last about a week to ten days before fading down completely, depending on how much you wash your face. After I dye them, I typically don’t have to fill in my brows for a few days afterwards. Not only does that reduce the amount of time that it takes me to get ready, but it also makes me feel more confident when I don’t have makeup on. Brows and eyelashes are something I’ve never had much of.
You don’t really need to do any upkeep to the brows until it’s time to dye them again, but I do like to go through every night with my DIY eyelash growth serum. I use this on both my eyelashes and my eyebrows. Over the past six months, I have seen a big difference in the health, length, and thickness of the hairs that I apply this to. If you missed my blog post explaining how to make it, definitely go check it out!
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I am so happy I finally discovered that eyebrow tinting is a thing and totally felt like a goof for not having thought of it before. I mean, duhh! I don’t think my eyebrows are completely even and there are still a few sparse areas that need to be filled in when I feel like it, but that’s okay. They are so much better than they were before. I was actually really nervous and skeptical of this at first, but I’m really blown away by how well it works. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking to step up your eyebrow game!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments below. Have you tried eyebrow tinting? Do you prefer to do it at home or at the salon?

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