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You probably won’t believe me when I say this, but the Becca eyeshadow quad that I’ll be using in this tutorial is the only product from their brand that I’ve ever owned. They’re just not a brand that really catches my attention and the price of their products definitely doesn’t help. I’m sure a drugstore girl! I actually bought this quad quite a while ago when they were featured on Hautelook. I don’t talk about that site very much, but I’m on it all the time checking to see what deals they have going on. It’s the best place I know to buy authentic high-end makeup at an affordable price. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure I only paid $10 for their Night Star palette. Ten bucks, y’all!!
Starting this tutorial off the right way, we first need to prime the eyelids. I’m using the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base in the shade Submissive. If you like potted eyeshadow primers, this is one of the best ones I’ve tried. I’ve had it open for an embarrassingly long time and it is still the same consistency as it was the day I opened it. Much better than the Maybelline Color Tattoos!
Submissive Eye Base.jpgStep 1.JPG
This base dries very quickly, so we don’t have to wait long until moving on. Usually I’d bring in a shade that’s slightly deeper than my skin tone for a natural crease definition, but I wanted to challenge myself and only use this quad to see what results I’d get. I took the bottom shade and put that on the outer corner of the eye and blended it up into the crease with a Sephora Professional blending brush. In the pan, this color looks a lot more like a brighter green than what it actually looks like on the eye.
Crease shade.jpgStep 2.JPG
All of these shades are extremely pigmented and pick up very easily on a brush, so you really wanna make sure you’re tapping off the excess before placing it on the eye. But just in case you do go a little heavy handed, or if you just want to keep things as blended as possible, I went in with the Wet n Wild single eyeshadow called Brulee and placed that directly on top of the shade we just applied. I used a different blending brush for this, one that has more loose bristles, in order to prevent applying too much of this one too.
Wet n Wild Brulee.jpgStep 3.JPG
To deepen up the outer corner and provide even more definition, I’m taking the darker matte green shade on a Sephora Professional rounded smudge brush and placing that in a sideways “V” shape. This brush is perfect for this step because the bristles are dense enough, but with the perfect amount of give to them to put the color exactly where you want it. Once you can see the “V” shape, try to blend it out slightly with that brush and then bring in a more loose bristled brush with no product on it to really blend it out. That’s the key to all makeup looks, whether on your face or your eyes, blend!
Definer shade.jpgStep 4.JPGStep 5.JPG
For the inner corner, I’m taking the brighter, almost champagne-like shade and placing that on the inner half of my lid. This is the least pigmented out of all the eyeshadows in this quad, so try applying it with your index finger first and then blending it out with a small fluffy shader brush. Using that application technique will make this step move much faster.
Lid shade.jpgStep 6.JPG
On the inner corner, you know I had to bring in my favorite Ulta single eyeshadow in the shade Naked. This is the best for really brightening up the inner corner and catching the light. It also provides the perfect amount of contrast between the champagne shade we put on the lid. I applied this with a Sephora Professional small smudge brush around my inner tear duct.
Ulta Naked.jpgStep 7.JPG
Since I wanted to stay just in this palette and minimize the amount of other products that I brought in, I decided to skip on the pencil eyeliner and just use the darkest brown shade in this quad. It’s super pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about it not showing up or spending extra time building the color. The tiniest amount of this goes a long way! I love using eyeshadows as eyeliner not only because it makes things move faster, but also because you can get closer to the lash line to really fill in all the small gaps between the lashes that you would otherwise skip over with a pencil.
Liner shade.jpgStep 8.JPG
Finishing up by curling the lashes and applying a billion coats of mascara and we’ll be done. When I don’t have as much eyeliner action going on, I like to really play up the lashes even more than normal. Right now I’m using the new L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara that has basically just changed my life. In case you missed it, you can find last week’s full review on that product here.
Here’s a more condensed guide quickly recapping every step we just did:
I think I’ve only used this eyeshadow quad maybe one or two other times before this tutorial and I really like the look I created with it. I was mainly worried that the eyelid shade wasn’t going to be as bright as I typically like it to be, but I think it pairs perfectly with the other shades. The quality in this quad is also very nice, so I didn’t have to spend much time building up color or blending everything out.
Thankfully my natural curly hair behaved pretty well, for the most part, so I just left that as it was and paired the eyelook with a Cailyn lip gloss in the shade Basic Instinct. I had a forest green tank top that matched perfectly with some deep green jade studs and matched that with some of my current favorite delicate gold jewelry. I’ve been obsessed with the dark greens and golds lately!

If you recreate this look or get inspired to create something similar, please tag me on any of my social media. All of my links are at the bottom of the post and on the left sidebar. Have you tried this eyeshadow quad before? What’s your favorite Becca Cosmetics product?

~Mani Monday~
This week I’m wearing a much darker color than what’s been on my nails recently. I kept seeing a lot of Fall inspired nail polishes last week and even though Fall won’t be here for quite a while in Florida, I decided to go ahead and hop on that train. At least for this week, anyway. The color I’m wearing is called Ruby Murray by Butter London. It definitely needs two coats to get the full, rich color and although I haven’t had much luck with Butter London polishes in the past, I’m just really enjoying wearing this color right now.
Ruby Murray.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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