Never Have I Ever: Beauty Edition

Never Have I Ever...played this game before. It’s always looked so much fun, even just doing it at home with friends. But when I saw the beauty edition, I immediately knew that had to be a blog post! The questions on these can be a little scary and I’m not sure how good I’ll do. Hopefully it won’t make me look too bad. Try to answer these along with me and leave some of your answers in the comments section at the end!
1.) Had a spray tan
Spray tan, no. Fake tan, yes. I’ve never gone to a tanning salon before and gotten any sort of fake tan. The only thing I have done is self tan at home with my beloved St. Moriz tanning mousse and I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ll ever do.

2.) Slept with makeup on
No. No, no, no, no, no! I cannot even imagine sleeping in my makeup either. Not only would it be completely messed up when I wake up, but my skin would be seriously upset with me and I’d probably have extreme breakouts for a month afterwards. Gross.

3.) Dyed my hair a crazy color
I wouldn’t consider it crazy, but I did dye a strip of my hair teal before switching to pink which I had for about a year. I dyed it back to brown for all the wedding festivities, but I actually kinda miss it a lot and will probably do it again in the future.
4.) Spent over $100 on makeup at once
No. I might have come close a few times, but I am a total bargain shopper and always try to score as many deals as possible. It’s very rare that I ever even go above $50 in one transaction. I honestly just don’t think it’s worth it.

5.) Worn red lipstick to work / school
Absolutely! Did you see the title picture of this post?? I love the way red looks on me, whether it’s on my nails, lips, or clothes. That’s a color I wear pretty often and is the only bold lip option I’m really comfortable with. Some of my favorites are Candy Apple by Revlon, Cruella by Nars, and Cherry Pie and Perfect Red by NYX.

6.) Left the house with a noticeable foundation line
Unfortunately. Back when I was younger and didn’t know much about makeup other than that I needed it to hide my young teen acne, the last thing on my mind was having the most perfect shade match. I realized later that the foundation I was using did actually match initially, but oxidized a ton as the day went on.

7.) Lost a false lash in public
Nope. I honestly don’t ever wear false lashes. Not only am I super worried about damaging my real lashes, but I’m also not very good at applying them. I’ve tried a few times and was able to get a picture with them eventually. I love the way they look, it’s just too much trouble for me.
8.) Cut my own hair
I’ve never cut my own hair, but my mom has definitely cut my hair when I was younger and it was pretty awful. It doesn’t seem like a difficult thing at first until it’s all said and done with and then you realize that you have crooked hair. Thanks, Mom.

9.) Bought a product just for its packaging
I have not. Along with always looking for sales, I also do a ton of research before making a purchase. It’s great if something has pretty packaging, but that really doesn’t matter to me if the product is no good. I’d rather just save my money.

10.) Used rollers on my hair
Again, this is something my mom did when I was younger. I had super frizzy, curly, unruly hair as a child and we tried everything possible to tame it. Rollers did work, but it was a long process and I could never figure them out on my own so I didn’t ever stick with it.

11.) Over plucked my eyebrows
Of course! I grew up in the age of the over plucked eyebrows. That was the thing back then. And I kinda wish it wasn’t because it has been the hardest struggle trying to get them to grow back. Lesson learned!

12.) Got plastic surgery
No and I never will. I had a few things that I would have liked to change when I was younger, but I’ve learned to accept and love those things about myself the older I’ve gotten. I’ve realized that if I did make any changes, I just wouldn’t be myself anymore so I’ll keep my body the way it was given to me.

13.) Got my makeup done by a professional
I’m not sure how to answer this. At the time, I thought she was a professional but working in a department store I learned that you don’t have to be certified to work at a makeup counter. I went there for both my senior homecoming and prom, showed her a picture of my dress and let her do her thing. I thought it was beautiful at the time, but now I think it was way too dramatic for my preference.
14.) Ordered cosmetics online
I have done this before and I will definitely do it again. After much research, of course. I’ve ordered from BH Cosmetics, Morphe, ColourPop, Makeup Geek, Coastal Scents, and many others. Some things were a disappointment, but I’ve enjoyed most of the items I’ve ordered online, especially Makeup Geek!

15.) Successfully teased my hair
No. Being from the south, you’d think I have this down to a science but I’ve actually only ever tried teasing my hair once. I’ve had my hair teased by professionals many times and although I like the effect it gives, I hate how knotted it feels and it’s a pain to wash it out. I’d rather just leave it alone.

16.) Gotten a french pedicure
Not in a salon, no. I’ve gotten a french manicure many times and I’ve given myself a french pedicure, but I’ve never gotten one at a salon. My feet are much too sensitive to be getting pedicures. I’d make a fool out of myself laughing the entire time!

17.) Successfully used home wax kits
No. I mentioned this in my eyebrow tinting post, but I’ve never waxed any part of my body. I am the biggest baby there is when it comes to pain, so I just stick with razors and tweezers to remove unwanted hair.

18.) Been part of a makeup trend that I regret
Besides the eyebrows?? I can’t remember being part of a makeup trend that I necessarily regret. Most of the time, I ignore makeup trends and do what I feel looks best on my skin and face shape. But I can say there are a few hair and fashion trends that I regret. One of them being the phase where the hair was always straight. I hated my curly hair for such a long time and had to have my hair as straight as possible. Now I’m the complete opposite and hate wearing it straight because I think it emphasizes my big cheeks.
19.) Pierced my own ears
Yes and no. I already had my ears pierced when I was 6 months old, but those closed up when I was 4. I got my second hole when I was 7 because the girl doing it didn’t want to re-pierce where my original holes were. In high school, I wanted to use both holes so I slowly worked at re-opening my original hole for two weeks until it finally opened back up and now I use them both daily.

20.) Used dry shampoo more than one day in a row
Never. I wash my hair every single day. If I didn’t, I’d probably look like I was homeless with how greasy my hair gets. Plus, I can’t stand the feeling of dirty hair. You wanna talk about anxiety, oh my goodness! I barely even use dry shampoo anyway just because I’ve really tried reducing the amount of product I use in my hair. After two years, my hair’s healthier than it’s been since I was a kid.

I think I did pretty good at this! Besides being a bad influence and re-opening my ear piercings at home, I don’t think I’ve done anything too bad. Story of my life!! Maybe I’ll do another version of this in the future. Either something more personal or focused on a different topic. If you have any suggestions, please leave those for me below!

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