Peach Eyeshadow Tutorial

I remember getting cheap, “play” makeup when I was younger and messing around with all of the different colors. Of course, one that caught my attention first were the pinks because that was my favorite color. As I got older and looked back at those pictures, I realized that pink eyeshadow made me look incredibly sick and I was totally traumatized. If someone would have told me that I’d ever use pink eyeshadow again, I never would’ve believed them. But here I am. Perfecting my skills, turning blush into eyeshadow, and wearing more colors. Life’s so silly sometimes, isn’t it?!
Unlike my younger years, I now know about primer. Something that’s very important, especially for my oily eyelids. Today, I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Gilded Rose. The formula of these is a total game changer and if you suffer from eyeshadow creasing during the day, you definitely need to add a few of these to your collection!
Step 1.JPG
This next step is something that I do pretty often and is one of the best tricks for using minimal products. I’m taking the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder on a Morphe MB23 brush and placing that in my crease. Using a bronzer as a matte shade looks so natural and helps you move super fast since you’re not reaching for anything else. This is one of the best, most universally loved products at the drugstore.
NYC Sunny.jpgStep 2.JPG
Along with using bronzer as a definition shade in the crease, blush also works perfectly as an eyeshadow. Pinks are quickly becoming a more popular eye color and thankfully, most of us already have a few options in our collection. The one I’m using today is by StudioMakeup and is called Wildflower. It’s a beautiful matte, almost mauve shade. I’m using this on a Sephora Professional blending brush and applying it on the outer half of my eyelid, bringing the excess slightly up into the crease. Then I went back through with an empty, more loose bristled blending brush from Sonia Kashuk to make sure there were no harsh lines and everything was blended to perfection.
StudioMakeup Wildflower.jpgStep 3.JPGStep 4.JPG
Moving to the lower lashline, I’m taking that same Sunny bronzer shade that we used in the crease and placing that under my bottom lashes on a BH Cosmetics #105 pencil brush. We won’t be using any eyeliner in this look, so feel free to make this part as dramatic as you would like. I did decide to only take the bronze shade under the lashes because with my skin tone, pink wouldn’t be the most flattering in that area.
Step 5.JPG
Going into the Blinc Cosmetics Electric Eyes eyeshadow palette that I just received in my latest Boxycharm, I’m taking the middle rose gold shade on my fingertip and applying that on the center of my eyelid. The quality of the shadows in this palette is amazing. Every single shade feels like butter and the pigmentation is perfect. Let’s just ignore the sad broken shadow pan, Boxycharm is sending a replacement in my next box and then I’ll finally be able to use all the shades without making a mess!
Rose gold.jpgStep 6.JPG
You could just stop there and take that rose gold shade all the way to the inner corner, which I’ve done before and it looks beautiful that way too. But it makes a world of a difference when you take the extra few seconds to add the brightest champagne color in the palette right on the inner part of the eyelid. Again, I used my finger to apply it first and then blended it out with a BH Cosmetics #103 small shader brush.
Champagne.jpgStep 7.JPG
If you want something lighter for every day, you could also stop after applying that champagne shade. But I’m taking it a step further to show you even more options you could do, such as a way to transform this look from day to night. I’m adding the darker cranberry shade in this palette to the very outer corner of the eye with an Elf Cosmetics Contour brush. You only need the tiniest amount of this shade because the pigmentation goes a long way. Once you applied it where you want it, make sure you continue to blend after this step also. Not doing so will make it look muddy and patchy.
Cranberry.jpgStep 8.JPG
One more step before moving onto the lashes, I’m adding my favorite Ulta single eyeshadow in the shade Naked and placing that right on the inner corner of my eyelid with a Sephora Professional smudge brush. This is a more matte pearl shade that contrasts beautifully with the shimmer shades on the lid to really catch the light and brighten up the eye.
Ulta Naked.jpgStep 9.JPG
Since we skipped eyeliner for this look, I want to really play up the lashes. But what else is new?! As per my usual mascara routine, I’m heating up the lash curler, curling them twice, adding a volumizing mascara and then a lengthening mascara to get the thickest, most voluminous lashes possible.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step we just did for easy reference:
For not ever wanting to work with pink eyeshadow again, I am so in love with this look. With all the different shades, it really reminds me of the inside of a peach and I’ve been wearing it as much as I can. I feel like I have to make up for lost time from all those years! Although I find colors much more easier to work with now, it’s really important to have that hint of bronze showing through to keep it all grounded. That’s really the key to making different colors more wearable.

If you recreate this look or get inspired to create something similar, please tag me on any of my social media. All of my links are at the bottom of the post and on the left sidebar. I’d love to see what you come up with! Have you ever been traumatized by your younger makeup? What do you think about pink eyeshadow?


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