Beauty Product Fails #4

It’s a sad day when you gotta acknowledge beauty products that really didn’t work. But even with as much fun as it might not be, it’s just as important as discussing beauty products that do work. There’s nothing like getting a brand new makeup item that you’re all excited about, only to get home and realize that it’s actually no good. This is part four in my Beauty Product Fails series and although there’s many other products that I can mention, I picked out only five more for this post in hopes of saving you some money and disappointment in the future.
The first product that really triggered this post is one that I used to really enjoy. I’ve been using this ncLA So Rich cuticle oil ever since I received it in my December Boxycharm last year. I love the formula of it and use it every week when I do my nails. I didn’t see any issue with it until I started getting toward the end of the product. I realized that they didn’t think everything through completely. There’s still a good enough amount of oil left in the bottle, but because it’s square and the dropper is too short I can’t reach the rest of the oil. Other droppers won’t work with it because the opening is too narrow, so I have no idea how I’m supposed to get the rest out besides just pouring it on my nails. For the $18 that this costs, I’d like to be able to use it all and not waste.
I’ve had this next product in my collection for years. It’s been so long that I even had to research whether they even still sell it or not! I saw it on Amazon, so I figured I might as well include it just in case. This is the Almay Wake Up Eyeliner and Highlighter duo. Originally, my complaint was that the highlighter is basically nothing but gold shimmer that is barely noticeable. But as I was swatching it, I remembered that the actual eyeliner side is more dry and that the whole pencil part of it just fell out! Thankfully this is an older product and there are much better options on the market now than when I purchased this.
Eyeliner.JPGEyeliner swatch.JPG
I’m not exactly sure whether this next one would technically be considered a fail, I think it’s more along the lines of wondering what purpose this product actually serves. I’m pretty sure this Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On lip pencil came in one of my ipsy bags, but I’ve only used it a few times. This is their pencil called Ozone, which is completely clear and meant to keep lipstick in place without adding the look of an actual colored lip pencil. Since it’s clear it’s pretty confusing to apply because you can’t see where you’ve got it and I don’t actually think it did anything. The full size of this would cost you $18 and I really don’t think there’s any purpose for it.
This might surprise you if you’ve been on my blog for a little while, but the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation has actually made it’s way from my Favorites to my Fails. I used to love the formula of this and wore it all the time. Unfortunately, though, as it has sat in my collection without being used for a few months it has really started to separate in the tube. When I wear it now, I have problems that I never used to have with it before such as separating around my nose and mouth. If this were going to be the only foundation you’d use and it wouldn’t just sit for awhile, then I think it’d be okay. But if you typically switch between a few foundations or face products, I’d recommend staying away from this one.
Sally Hansen has some good products, but most of the time I don’t have very good luck with the wear time in their polishes. They have a wonderful selection of shades within the brand and I love the way this one looks. The shade is called Blue Me Away and unfortunately it has the same problem that many blue toned products have. It stains my nails no matter what base coat I put underneath. I know that’s the risk of using blue dye products, but this one seems to be worse than most. Thankfully there’s many other polishes with a similar tone from other brands that won’t stain as bad.
Nail polish.JPG
Some of the products that I included this time were actually pretty surprising, even to myself. The Maybelline foundation and cuticle oil are perfect examples of why you’ll never see me post a first impressions in a haul, and why I always use products for a few weeks/months before sharing a review. Opinions can change, even when you think they might not.

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