Beauty Products Fails #5

I keep a list in my phone for blog post ideas and everytime I think of something, I always jot it down so I won’t forget. That list has been growing so rapidly lately and it’s making me so excited. There’s so much to talk about, especially with the holidays coming up. I can’t wait! But with that ideas list growing, my fails list has also continued to grow. Testing out products doesn’t always have a happy ending, which was exactly the case for these next five products I’m about to share with you. I might have mentioned a few of these once or twice before in random posts here and there, and I’ll be linking to those more extended reviews accordingly.
Fails #5.jpg
When I do these fails posts, not every single product is a complete and total fail. Sometimes it might just be the color, the formula, the wear time, etc. and for one reason or another I’m just not totally satisfied with it. However, that’s not the case with this Measurable Difference Concealer Collection palette. I like the idea they had behind it and the packaging is pretty cute. The formula, consistency, and coverage just didn’t make this product worth it at all. It doesn’t feel good on the skin and it’s extremely difficult to worth with. You could add oils to it if you wanted, but who wants to buy a product that they have to mess with to make it work properly? This is the definition of a fail product.
Concealer.JPGConcealer palette.JPG
This next one is a good example of a product that I absolutely love, it’s just the color that didn’t do it for me. It’s a retractable eyeliner from Hikari Cosmetics in the shade Storm. I also have this same eyeliner, but in the shade Raven and I absolutely love it. The formula is one of the best I have ever tried. I just don’t know what I would ever do with a silvery gray eyeliner. I think it came in a Boxycharm a very long time ago and is one of those things I’m holding on to for whatever reason that I think I might need it one day.
There are a lot of Ulta brand products that I absolutely love, but as with every brand not everything in their line is going to be perfect every single time. Their Amped Lashes mascara is a great example of that. This is one that I just don’t recommend at all, another complete fail product. The wand looks nice at first, but the color barely shows up, the formula doesn’t add anything to the lashes, and the wand is too flexible that it’s sometimes difficult to get it back in the tube. Ulta mascaras are one product of theirs that I have never had any luck with. They got the packaging down, they just need to work on the formula and wand quality.
These next two are a little more controversial in the beauty community and I have talked about both of them in their own separate reviews, but I want to mention them again in this post to save you some money. If you haven’t heard about LipSense by now then you’re probably just living under a rock. It’s everywhere! Some people love it and some people hate it, I happen to be one that absolutely hates it. When I first posted my original review, not as many people had negative opinions of it until a little later when they finally realized. Everything about this brand is a complete scam. The actual brand model itself, the products, the ingredients, it’s a total waste of money.
The last one that I’ll mention in this post is Colourpop. I’m much more alone in this opinion of hating their brand and products than I am with LipSense, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m not using a product that doesn’t work and I’m not going to recommend it to my friends, my family, or my followers. Colourpop is so hyped up and after testing six of their products, I can tell you that zero of them worked for me. They feel beautiful when swatching with your finger, but then the pigmentation completely disappears when you try to place it on the skin. I don’t know how anyone can work with these products! The brand has done many sketchy business practices that I don’t support and with their products not performing for me at all, I can’t say I’d ever recommend them.
Colourpop.JPGColourpop swatch.JPG
I think the product I’m most disappointed with out of the ones I mentioned is Colourpop just because I heard so many people raving about their products before I placed my order and then once I tried it myself, I thought I was crazy. I just can’t figure it out! Maybe one day I’ll find a use for that Storm eyeliner, though, because I really do adore the formula on those liners. I use my Raven one all the time!

If you have any other questions about any of the products I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Have you tried any of these before? What products have you recently been disappointed in?

~Mani Monday~
Because of the wedding, it’s been an entire month since I’ve been able to do my own nails. I left the acrylics on for three weeks and once I got them off, I couldn’t wait to manicure my nails again! But then I let them breathe for almost two weeks before putting any polish on top. I missed it so much! This week I chose to wear this beautiful cranberry shade from Sinful Colors called Dancing Nails. I’ve never worn it before and although I think the color is pretty, I’m not completely sold on the shimmery finish of it.
Dancing Nails.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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