Pür Cosmetics Soirée Diaries Review

In case you missed last week’s tutorial or Monday’s monthly favorites post, then you might not know how much I’ve been enjoying the Pür Cosmetics brand lately. This Soirée Diaries eyeshadow palette has been getting the most love, especially within this past month. I’ve loved all eyeshadows that I’ve tried from this brand, but have recently found a new love for warm toned shades which makes this palette so much more fun for me. There’s such a variety in the color selection that I’m sure it will take a long time before it could ever get boring.
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I’ve always believed Pür Cosmetics to be a high-end brand, but after paying more attention to their prices I think they’re more mid-range which I’m very happy about. This palette will only cost you $34 for twelve different eyeshadows. For the quality and pan size, it’d be very difficult to beat that price. The packaging is very sleek and compact without any extra bulkiness. The front is a beautiful marble design with rose gold writing, which everyone is obsessed with right now including myself. It does include a mirror and shade names on each shadow, although there is no room to store a brush. However, I don’t know many people who enjoy the pre-included brushes anyway so there’s not really any loss there.
I swatched them by each row so you can really see each color more closely. The top row includes shades Private Party, Socialite, Gala, and Mogul. All of these shades are matte and have different undertones. Private Party is more of a neutral shade that can be paired with anything, Socialite has a slight peach tone, Gala is a very light taupe that’s perfect for the crease, and Mogul has some slight yellow shades that could even be used to hide dark under eye circles.
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The second row is also all completely matte shades including Splurge, Stunner, Snazzy, and Epic. Splurge and Stunner are more lighter mid-toned shades, whereas Snazzy and Epic are darker making them perfect to use for liner. I’m pretty sure I used every single shade in this specific row on my wedding day. I love all of these colors!
Row 2.JPG
The last row is where they kept all of the shimmery shades, which include Glitzy, Twinkle, Dazzle, and Cosmo. Twinkle is the only one out of these four that you could feel more of the glitter. Other than that, every shade in this palette feels like butter. I love that they included those last two colors that have a few more purple tones. It really adds to the diversity of looks that you can create with this palette.
Row 3.JPG
I love everything about this palette from the packaging and quality to the price point and shade selection. I will always appreciate matte shades more than shimmers and I’ve been consistently impressed with the formula that Pür Cosmetics has for their matte eyeshadows. That seems to be one thing that many brands can’t accomplish very well, but Pür Cosmetics does it perfectly.

There is a little kick-up in a few of the matte shades (none at all from the shimmers), but it’s nothing that you can’t work with. They blend incredibly well and last an entire eight hours on my eyes with a primer. If you haven’t checked out anything from Pür Cosmetics before, this palette would be a great starting point. Especially with its shade selection as we move more into Fall and Winter!

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