Champagne Eyeshadow Tutorial

One kinda funny thing you definitely don’t know about me is that I really don’t like champagne. Or, actually, any alcohol for that matter. But I do love champagne colored everything! My home decor, clothes, jewelry, even my wedding was filled with champagne colors. I do a lot of neutral eyeshadow tutorials, but I haven’t ever focused an entire look on one color before. So that’s what we’re doing today! Using light, champagne-ish focused eyeshadows to create a look that can be worn anywhere!
I tried to use some products in this tutorial that I received in my last Boxycharm. The first one being this Dirty Little Secrets Cosmetics Eye Crayon in the shade Illusion. This is actually the product that prompted me to creating a champagne eyeshadow look. I’m not really big on eye crayons and although this swatches pretty smooth on the hands, it is a little more dry and can tug at the eyes if you’re not careful.
Skipping a base shadow today, I’m going straight into the crease colors. I’m taking a combination of Makeup Geek’s Creme Brulee and Mac’s Soft Brown on a Morphe MB23 blending brush. You could just use one of these shades, but I have them sitting in a palette together so I just quickly dip my brush in each and start blending in the crease. These are both very light, warm-toned browns that compliment champagne tones beautifully.
MUG Creme Brulee.jpgMAC Soft Brown.jpgStep 2.2.JPG
Taking a single eyeshadow from Ofra (I have no idea what color because they don’t package labels on the pans), I’m combining that with the Creme Brulee from Makeup Geek and applying that in the outer half of my eye and crease area with a Sephora Professionals blending brush. This shade is just slightly darker than the others and will create the most beautiful blended ombré effect. After that color is down, I blended it even more with an empty loose bristled blending brush.
Ofra.JPGStep 3.3.JPGStep 4.JPG
Taking some of the first two shades that we put in the crease, I’m also applying those under the lower lashline with a BH Cosmetics #105 pencil brush. This will help tie everything together and create a natural shadow to prevent things from looking too top heavy on the upper lid.
Step 5.JPG
Moving back to the upper eyelid, I’m taking a Covergirl single eyeshadow in the shade Champagne (how appropriate?!) and placing that over the inner half of my eye. This is a pretty pigmented shadow, so I like to really play up the shimmer and pack it on with my finger first and then go back and blend the edges with a BH Cosmetics #103 small shader brush. Both of these BH Cosmetics brushes that I’m using are from their Eye Essential brush set. I’ve talked about that for years and if you haven’t picked it up already, I highly recommend it!
Covergirl.JPGStep 6.JPG
Then I’m taking my favorite single eyeshadow ever, Ulta’s Naked, and placing that on the very inner corner of my eye with a Sephora Professionals smudge brush. This is more of a matte shade and it’s very pigmented, so it will really contrast with the shimmery shade we have on the lid and brighten up the eyes even more.
Ulta Naked.jpgStep 7.JPG
For eyeliner, I decided to go with brown and am using Pacifica’s eyeliner pencil in the shade Fringe. This is the only eyeliner that I own from that brand, but I absolutely love it. It’s one of the smoothest eyeliners I have, which is surprising considering that it’s an actual pencil rather than a retractable liner. Then I’m following up on top of that with a dark brown from Elf’s Mad for Matte palette.
Finishing up by curling the eyelashes and applying two different mascaras. I’m using two coats of the Lancome Monsieur Big mascara and one coat of their Definicils mascara. I do prefer the Monsieur Big more than the Definicils, but I really like the way they look together. If you’ve seen my mascara routine post, then you probably know all the benefits of combining two mascaras!
Here’s a close up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
When I first started getting into makeup, I used to use that Covergirl Champagne eyeshadow almost every single day and eventually it just kept getting pushed to the back as my collection continued to grow. I haven’t used it in so long and I loved creating this look and remembering how shimmery that shadow really is.

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