Empties ~ November 2017

I’m back to talk more trash! Just kidding, some of these items are amazing and I would never dream of saying anything negative about them. Actually, now that I think about it I don’t think I have even one completely horrible item to mention in this empties post. That’s definitely a first! I love empties posts because you can really see how good (or bad) a product really is after finishing the entire thing. Very few of the ones I have to mention are repeat items, most of them are appearing in an empties post for the first time.
One product that is very frequently in my empties bin is the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. I love what this product has done for my skin. Especially because I wasn’t really expecting much from it when I initially bought it. I have already replaced this before I even ran out and it will always have a home in my bathroom.

I also finished my first bottle of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. This is pretty pricey considering how much product you get, so I kept adding rubbing alcohol to loosen up the solution again after it had all dried up. Eventually I couldn’t do that anymore and I ended up repurchasing it. This is a very popular product in the beauty community and for good reason. It can clear a blemish overnight, no exaggeration!
Continuing with face products, I ran out of two items that I featured in my Nip and Fab Haul. If you read my haul update, then you might already know how I feel about these products. The Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads are my absolute favorite. They have made a huge difference in the texture of my skin and I will (and already have) continue to repurchase it. I enjoyed the Bee Sting Fix Eye and the way that it felt on my skin. However, I don’t know that I would repurchase it just because I didn’t see much of a difference after using it. If you’re not looking to firm the undereye area, then it is a nice product that I would recommend.
I like the formula and most scents of the Bath & Body Works lotions, but one of the great things about being a girl is that you almost never have to purchase any because they’re some of the most common gifts when people don’t know what else to get. I’m not complaining, though. I always find a way to use them up.

I’ve been using the bigger bottle of Sweet Pea that I had on my feet and the smaller bottle of Endless Weekend on my hands every night before bed. This is a really good formula for moisturizing both of those areas. Sweet Pea is a pretty common scent, but I really like how original the Endless Weekend scent is. Their website describes it as a blend of raspberry lychee sorbet, sun-kissed magnolia, and vanilla sandalwood -- perfection!
St. Moriz is the first self tanning brand that I have ever used and I’m finally throwing away my first two products that I’ve owned from them. Not that they’re expensive by any means, they just last a long time. I did only use these about every two weeks, if that, so if you use it more regularly then obviously they won’t be sitting in your bathroom as long. After trying both the original dark mousse and the fast tan mousse, I think they pretty much give the same results as far as how dark it gets you. I haven’t repurchased one yet, I’m deciding between getting the fast tan again or trying their tanning lotion which I haven’t used before. If you have tried the lotion, please let me know what you thought of it!
Self tan.JPG
This Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner has made it into many of my previous empties posts. I always make sure I have this in my shower and I use it twice a week. It smells amazing and has worked wonders on my hair. It leaves my hair so smooth and soft, but not greasy at all. I’ve worked really hard at maintaining and improving my hair’s health over the past few years and this has been one of the biggest contributors in getting my hair healthy again.
Braces were such a hard time in my life when I was younger. I had to put in so much work to get my smile to look the way it does and the day I got them removed, I promised myself I would always take care of my teeth. I have kept to that promise for eight years now and part of my routine is using this Equate Lustrous White Multi-Action Whitening Rinse every night before bed. I used to spend the extra few dollars on the actual Crest brand, but I really don’t think it makes a difference. This one’s much cheaper and considering how much I repurchase it, I save a lot of money in the long run.
Oral care.JPG
I’m always talking about how many mascaras I have open currently and how I’m trying to work my way through them all, but once I added the new L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara to my collection I just can’t put it down. I use it almost every single day. It does start out with a more dry formula, though, so it doesn’t last very long. I tried to get every last bit out of it that I could and it’s finally time for a new one.

I also finished another tube of my DIY eyelash growth serum. I bought a pack of empty mascara tubes off of Amazon and have already refilled another one. It’s been a year that I’ve been using this serum and I could kick myself for not taking a legitimate before picture for comparison. My lashes are so much better now than they used to be and with how easy it is to make at home, I can’t recommend it enough!
Finally, we’ve made it to the last two miscellaneous items that didn’t really fit into any other category. Aside from the deep conditioner, taking biotin supplements has dramatically increased the rate that my hair grows as well as making it stronger. It also keeps my skin clear and strengthens my nails. I’ve already repurchased another bottle of these gummies the day I ran out. I’ve tried other brands and they’re just not as good, so I definitely recommend picking up the Sundown Naturals brand if you can find it.

The last item I have to mention is an essential oil that I got from Earthbound. I’ve actually really enjoyed the quality of the scents that I’ve gotten there. I featured two others in my previous empties post and now I’ve finally finished the Aphrodisiac scent. I know it sounds a little silly, but it did come from an Earthbound store after all so what can you really expect. I used this in my essential oil diffuser and really enjoyed the fresh scent it has. I’ll definitely be going back soon to restock.
I never realize how many empties I actually have stacking up until I go to write these posts and then notice it’s much more than what I was expecting. That’s okay, though, it was so satisfying finally throwing all of these items away and making room for more. There were a lot of good items that I used up, most of which have already be repurchased. That isn’t always the case when going through my empties, but it makes me happy when it does happen.

If you have any questions about any of the items that I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Have you tried any of these before? What products have you recently used up?

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