Products I've Hit Pan On

You know you really love a product when you use it so much that you can start to see that you’re hitting pan. That doesn’t happen very often with me because I have so many products that I switch between, but I still have my favorites that I’ve used almost every single day. And to be honest, I thought I had more products showing pan than I actually do. One of them that I have to share with you is a repurchased item and another one will need to be replaced very soon.
This first one that I have already repurchased once before and am hitting pan on for the second time is Ulta’s Naked single eyeshadow. If you’ve seen any of my tutorials, then this product will be very familiar to you and is probably no surprise. I love this eyeshadow. It’s the perfect shade with great pigmentation that can be used for so many different areas. I’ve used it as an eyeshadow, a brow bone highlight, an inner corner highlight, I’ve used it under my eyes to hide dark circles and even as an actual highlighter in the center of my face and on my cheekbones. It’s such a perfect product!
This next one you almost can’t even see anymore, but when it was full the color was very similar to the shadow I just mentioned. This is one of the NYX Nude Matte Shadows in the shade Kiss The Day. I originally got it to be something like Ulta’s Naked, but the pigmentation just wasn’t there so I had to settle for using it as a base powder over my eyeshadow primer. It was such a light color that it barely showed up. It was fine while it lasted, but I can’t say that I’ll be repurchasing it. Wet n Wild’s Brulee shade works the exact same for only $1 and is much more pigmented.
NYX.JPGKiss the Day.JPG
I haven’t mentioned this NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder much on my blog before, but it is a very popular item in the beauty community. I feel like almost everyone has tried this bronzer before and I can’t recall ever hearing any negative reviews of it. It’s dark enough to add a beautiful bronzey glow to the skin, but doesn’t look too orange or patchy. NYC products don’t usually impress me very much, but this is one of the best there is. I don’t use it as much nowadays because I like to use face products without talc in them, but if talc doesn’t bother you then I’d highly recommend picking this up.
Another type of product that I don’t use much anymore is pressed face powders. I’ve found that loose powders set my makeup and control my oil a little better. However, I use this Maybelline FitMe pressed powder in the shade Ivory almost every single day. I specifically got a shade that is much lighter than my skintone and I use this under my eyes to brighten dark circles. Because it’s a face powder, it provides a more natural appearance rather than using a bright white that tends to draw more attention to that area. I keep hitting pan more and more on this every day and I will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out.
The last items I have to mention are by Makeup Geek. I stalked their website for months from when they first announced that they were creating blushes to when they actually released them. They’re one of the only brands that I know that makes blushes without talc in them and let me tell you, it has made the biggest difference in my skin. These are the only blushes I will use! I have a few other shades from their line in my collection, but the two that I’ve hit pan on are Spellbound and Bliss. I think they discontinued Spellbound, which makes me so sad! It was such a beautiful color. Bliss is a little too much of a light coral for my skintone, so I typically pair it on top of Hanky Panky (another discontinued shade) and it makes the most perfect pinky peach shade ever.
Blush.JPGMUG blush.JPG
After realizing how much I love their blushes, I rushed to purchase some of their bronzers the day they were released. Again, these are made without talc and are now the only bronzers that I use daily. The two shades that I have are Love Triangle and Bad Habit. Depending on how tan I am, I typically mix the two or just use one of them on its own. Bad Habit obviously gets used much more (thank you, St. Moriz) and I will definitely need to be repurchasing it very soon. These powders are so smooth and blend into the skin beautifully. Makeup Geek has to be one of my favorite brands ever. I love everything they do!
Bronzers.JPGMUG bronzers.JPG
I’m not someone who gets sad about finishing a product just because getting new products makes me so excited. I love opening a new makeup item, it doesn’t matter what it is. And the fact that I know I’ll be having to place a Makeup Geek order soon has me very excited because that just gives me an excuse to buy more than what I need...better make the most out of shipping costs, right?!

If you have any questions about any of the products I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments below. Have you used any of these products? What are some items that you’ve hit pan on?

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