Rimmel Provocalips Review

Don’t you just love it when you find a product that it so absolutely amazing that you want to go back and buy every single shade you can find? That’s what happened with me and these Rimmel Provocalips. I was on the hunt for a comfortable, long-lasting lip product that I could wear on my wedding day without needing to worry about it transferring or fading away. A week prior to the big day, I found these and couldn’t believe what I was seeing and feeling. It’s like magic!

Products like these are what make me laugh at the price, quality, and business practices of LipSense. Rimmel Provocalips have been around for many years now, so it’s nothing new. It’s been sitting on the shelf and I’ve never looked twice into purchasing them. They’re only around $5, making them one of the cheapest of its kind on the market right now. You get .14 fl oz of the color and .10 fl oz of the balm. It applies with a doe foot applicator that is super soft and the entire thing is pretty easy to travel with.
The first shade I have is called Wish Upon A Berry and is the one that I wore on my wedding day. It’s a beautiful medium pink that isn’t too bright or too muted. You definitely need to shake these before applying it and I’d recommend stopping after one coat. It will be pretty sticky, but dries within a couple seconds so you can layer the balm on top. The balm literally smells and feels like cocoa butter vaseline, it’s sooo comfortable!!
I love this color so much!! If I could, I would probably wear it every single day. The color is really close to my natural lips, so it fades much better throughout the day. Although, it is really tough to remove. I typically have to use an oil with this one to get off all the pigment completely.

Below is a picture of what it looked like immediately after application and the second picture is what it looked like 6 ½ hours later after going about my day, including eating and drinking. There doesn’t seem to be much color leftover, but I did eat very greasy chicken and I should note that I am not a very neat eater. I wore this lip product on my wedding day and it lasted the entire night without having to touch up at all. I was also much more careful with it that day and ate with a fork which would obviously make any lip gloss last longer.
The second shade I have is called Just Teasing. It’s the next shade up in the color selection they offer and is actually much darker than I was expecting. It’s a deep berry shade with a little bit of glitter. Again, I’d only recommend one coat of this and then the balm on top. I’ve found that the more you layer these, the faster they’ll sink into lines on the lips. And you have to work quickly when applying the color because once it starts to dry, the color will lift up if you try to go over it again.
This one doesn’t get along with me very well, unfortunately. Because it’s a darker color than what I’m typically comfortable with, I have a tendency to not apply very much of it which then causes it to get streaky. If I wasn’t so scared of vampy lips, it’d probably work a lot better. I’m not sure if it’s because I applied it too thin or if the glitter in it messed up the formula, but as you can see in the second picture below it was almost completely gone after only 2 ½ hours.

I hadn’t eaten anything or tried to reapply, this is exactly what it looked like after trying to blot the gloss off. This was a pretty embarrassing look, but thankfully it comes off much easier than the Wish Upon A Berry shade and I was able to remove the rest with a napkin. You can also feel the glitter in this one just a tiny little bit, which also makes me prefer the other shade more.
I really love the Wish Upon A Berry shade, the color is so pretty and the formula of it lasts all day long on me. I have no idea why the Just Teasing shade gave me such a completely different result and I’m kinda sad about it! I thought I was really going to enjoy it this Winter. I don’t recommend using these every single day because then you would run the risk of them drying your lips out. But for a few times a week or special occasions, I wouldn’t wear anything else!

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