December Boxycharm Unboxing

With as much as I’m constantly on social media daily, it’s so hard to try to shelter myself from seeing any sneak peeks of Boxycharm products every month. I know some people like to know what’s included so they can look forward to it, but I just love surprises too much and don’t want to know anything at all. Even when I get the box, I try to only pull out one thing at a time without seeing anything else. Is that weird?

~Luxie Quad Eye Travel Set~ Luxie brushes are always impressive and the quality of this set definitely did not disappoint. I typically don’t carry brushes in my purse to touch up, so these actually just sit on my vanity with the rest. I was able to get an entire look out of the four brushes included in the set, but would’ve liked to have a more loose bristled blending brush also.

~KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Masks~ For never having tried a lip mask before, I didn’t really know what to expect from these. I made sure to use it when I had super dry lips (thanks to this cold weather) and surprisingly, they worked really well. It tingled at first, but went away after a few minutes and left my lips much more moisturized and soft.

~Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray~ I’m a little torn with this product. I like it because the mist on it is so nice, but it’s almost so soft that you feel like you need to apply more. That can be difficult when you have oily skin and you’re using an illuminating spray. That’s also why I can’t say whether it extended the wear of my makeup or not, it had gotten too shiny and I washed it off. If you have dry skin, you might really like this. Although I would still be a little careful because I did notice a few glittery specks in some places rather than just a sheer glow.

~Winky Lux Kitten Eyeshadow Palette~ This eyeshadow palette really impressed me. The color selection threw me off at first, but after using it I actually enjoy all the shades they included. It’s very nice quality and the price point is perfect. In case you missed it, you can check out my full review and tutorial that I did featuring this palette.

~Laqa Cloud Lipstick (Storm)~ I was really impressed with how lightweight this lipstick was to wear on the lips. It is super pigmented, so I ended up just patting on the color to get the intensity that I wanted. However, I did notice it to be a little patchy if I tried to apply it like normal. If you mess with it a bit, you can make it full coverage like they claim but I don’t think it lasted any longer than the other lipsticks that I have.

The products in last month’s box were definitely fun to try, I really enjoyed how much variety there was among the items that they included. I did end up liking mostly everything, which is very rare, so that definitely says it was a good box. The theme for December is Glitz & Glam. Sometimes the products don’t always match up with the theme, or the events for that month such as holidays, but this time they all compliment each other perfectly.
The first product in the box is this Bronze Essentials palette from a brand called Beauté Basics. I’ve never heard of the brand before and considering how small the palette is, I’m kinda wondering what makes it worth its $40 price tag. On the inside of the palette, you get three matte bronzer shades and two shimmers.
They say you can use whatever color you would like individually or you can combine the colors and finishes together. The mattes felt very soft to swatch, but the shimmers were full of glitter and extremely powdery. I don’t like that they’re no separated and that each section of color is so small. I feel like this is just going to make me look like one big ball of glitter. Not to mention that the actual packaging itself feels super cheap, like the plastic could fall apart at any moment.
To go along with the bronzer palette, they also included a blush palette in this month’s box. This one is by the brand called RealHer, which I have heard of before. I’ve tried a few of their products and have been impressed with most of them. This blush kit comes with three blushes, which all have a baked dome top to them. There are two glitters (ughhh) and only one matte. They do have shade names and the packaging is much bigger than I think it should be, so it won’t be very good for travelling.
The first shade is called Fearless and has some peach glitter in it. The second shade is called Limitless and is the only matte option provided. The third shade is Unstoppable and is more of a brown toned blush, which could almost double as a bronzer depending on your skin tone. The pigmentation could be better, in my opinion, because you do have to build it up but they all swatch very smoothly. The price is a little better at $32, although I feel like the majority of that is because of the bulky packaging.
We received another brush from Crown Brush in this box. This is their Deluxe Blush brush, which retails for $12. That’s a very affordable price, especially since I’ve had such positive experiences with the quality of their brushes in the past. This one is a little different, though. The packaging has a white handle that doesn’t feel very nice and I noticed that there were a few bristles already starting to come out of the barrel. I really like the shape and density of the brush, but I’m worried about the quality on this one. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
I’ve tried a few mascaras from Tarte that I enjoyed previously, so I was excited to see that they included the Tarteist Lash Paint mascara ($23) in this month’s box. It claims to be a jet-black, vegan mascara that will add 2700% more volume. I thought I was a big exaggerator, but I think Tarte beat me on this one! 2700%, huh? The brush does have plastic bristles, which I prefer, so I’m hoping I really like the formula of it. You know I keep my mascara standards very high!
The last product in the box is one of the My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipsticks from the brand Pretty Vulgar. This comes with .1 fl oz of product and retails for $24. The shade that I received is called Particularly Sophisticated, which is a beautiful pinky rose color. These claim to be lightweight, highly pigmented, with a comfortable creamy texture. It is supposed to leave a metallic finish and have a citrus cordial flavor. Did they really flavor this lipgloss? I guess I’ll find out!
I like that they included something in this box for all different areas of the face and provided products that can all work well together. The brush seems like it would work well for both blush and bronzer, you could even use those products as eyeshadows, then finish it off with the mascara and lipgloss. I might try that in a future tutorial and see what happens! The total value for this month’s box is $131!! I’m interested in the challenge that the palettes will bring, and super excited to try the other three products. If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, I highly recommend it.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Did you receive this month’s Boxycharm? Have you tried any of these products before?


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